Neopets Pins! (Or Neopets chat in general)


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I remember there used to be a Neopets thread here before, so I know there were some DPF Neo players, but does anyone here still play now? :D

Neopets has been recently releasing some pins, including a Faerie Doll blind box, and I wondered if anyone had bought any and wanted to trade? I've been considering buying a box or two, but since I only want a couple in particular (Jhudora and Fyora), I hoped I'd be able to trade for the ones I wanted if need be. :3

So... any takers? Or am I out of luck here? I know it's a long shot. ^^;

Places that sell Neopets pins:
Neopets Shop - Faerie Doll blind box ($9.95)
Cakeworthy - Faerie Doll blind box ($11.95)
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Oh wow, they have pins now?

Sis & I play. Me more so than her. I log in for both of us for the daily Trudy's Surprise and collecting NP interest. I only played Negg Festival 2022 for a few days before I forgot, oops, so I didn't get to collect all of our

Sis would rather have Sailor Moon pins than Neopets. We still have our collection from McDonald's of the plushies :D


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Yeah! They've been putting out more merch in general, though nothing like how it was in the early 2000s. I'm crossing my fingers for more plot character pins though. :3

Lately that's just what I've been doing too, though I get a lot more active once there's an event or something going on. :3 Negg Fest was pretty good this year, and hopefully the Altador Cup will be better than last year's! Are you gonna participate in the Altador Cup too?

That's awesome, what plushies do you have? :D