New (less) USPS tracking coming


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We are having a delivery/shipping problem with a major company, and were on the phone with CS just now. They contract with FedEx, who contracts with USPS for SmartPost. (That means that the sender pays FedEx to deliver a package, and if FedEx thinks the USPS can deliver faster, they give the package to USPS and the PO delivers it to the buyer.) Well, the CS manager shared information that they have from FedEx that the USPS is changing their tracking system. They are reverting back to 'Delivery Confirmation' only, no more in transit or any scans between acceptance and delivery. We called our PO and talked to the Postmaster, and he said that it is the big rumor, but has no doubt that if a company has it as information, they will be hearing about it as a USPS directive.

So, this is to alert anyone who sends packages, as this means that there will be no tracking scans during your parcel's journey. This means that if a package goes astray during the trip, there will be no way to find out where it was or where it got to. Also, no way to see when you package will be delivered, either.

Insurance is something to consider on anything you don't mind losing, but keep in mind that it is only good after 30 days, as the PO won't start an insurance claim for a missing package until it has been more than 30 days since acceptance scan. So, good for the long-term, but no help until after 30 days.

FedEx has pulled from using USPS SmartPost for their final delivery step as of 12 March 2021. While this works for the cities, it really impacts rural deliveries, as rural areas now have to wait for packages to be delivered on the FedEx trucks when they get enough for an entire truck to come to the area. Here is an article with more info on that: to media reports%2C FedEx,FedEx handle last mile deliveries.

Just wanted to share this, since I know a bunch on here ship a lot!


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Thanks so much for sharing this! Ugh. UPS just did the same thing, been waiting a week for a package and the only info they give on "tracking" now is that
"label created" "shipped" "on the way" "delivered" oh and i got a "delay" marker two days before it was due and then the due date shifted a day later. No info on where it was what the delay was etc.

USPS has been sending me warnings almost every minute it seems the last few weeks that its "tracking" will be down basically every weekend over night. I figured something was up when it had been going down regularly every single weekend planned out ahead of time.

I hope fedex bucks the trend and keeps tracking where things are because this is a real big issue for folks who have to order through mercari for example where if you tracking doesn't update for 7 days you can cancel the order and get refunded right away. This is really really been helpful when packages are lost and won't show up for months and you can get it cancelled and money back after only 7 days. Sigh I really don't like the way these shippers are ripping off the consumer.