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  1. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Goofy’s Character Bingo Game

    Goofy’s Character Bingo is similar to the traditional bingo game that everybody knows and loves… But with a Goofy Disney twist of course…

    In Goofy’s game of bingo, instead of the traditional 75 numbers, he likes to use the names of his 100 favorite Disney characters (Himself included)… and he lets everyone make their own board up…!!! That is right, you will be making your own personalized character board with your (25) chosen Disney characters…

    A board is good for One Bingo Session and will be posted on the thread as a picture when verified as a valid entry…

    The best way to then play is to print the picture of your board and use rubber pin backs to mark your spots…

    There are (2) ways you can submit your boards for entry…

    Option #1

    Using the list provided of Goofy’s 100 Official Bingo Characters…
    Either copy and Paste the list and delete those you do not wish to use, or type your own list of (25) Characters… Your list will be converted into a randomized bingo board using the characters you requested and posted for everyone to see...


    If you want your characters in a specific order on your personalized board, list your characters with the numbers 1 – 25 and they will be arranged in that order on your board…
    Once your list is posted, finish the eligibility by completing your payment as specified below…

    Option #2
    Simply post a request on the thread for a random board…
    A random board will be just that… 25 of the characters placed randomly on a bingo board…
    Again using this option, you will need to finish the eligibility by completing your payment as specified below…
    A board will be created by me and posted for others to see as your official board once verified…

    A typical board takes about 5 minutes each to make photograph and post… So all requests to play in a series of games must be completed One Hour Prior to start of first game…

    Players need not be present to win as their boards are posted for all to see…

    When the game begins… The pre-determined randomized list of characters will be posted for the first game…

    Players will then determine how many calls it took for them to hit their bingo and post onto the thread until the winner is determined… Any board not posting a result will be verified by us in case the player is not present…

    When a winner is verified, the prize will be awarded and the next game will begin…
    Breaking a tie… Unlike traditional bingo, you cannot just split the winnings… so a single winner must be determined…

    If two or more player’s bingo on the same character…The first thing we will use to determine the winner is which player has the most called characters up to the point the bingo was made…

    If this is still a tie… then we will go to the next called character until all ties have been broken and there is one clear winner…

    To avoid this from happening, I extended the list from 75 to 100 and allow you to place any character in any location… This allows for well over 10 Billion different combinations that can be created… A tie is unlikely, but still possible… LOL…

    **** Entry Fees ****
    There will be a series of 4 games running on Goofy Bingo Night, Bingo Cards will cost $10 each and are good for ALL 4 Games… There is no limit as to how many cards you may purchase for the bingo session… There are no fees added for shipping, but I ask that payments be made as A GIFT or please make the payment for $12 otherwise… Payments must be made as a PayPal payment to the following account…

    For those unable to make a PayPal payment, please PM me for other payment options…

    **** Game Time ****
    There will be a deadline for entry of one hour prior to start of the first game… Each game will take about 15 minutes or so to play… So a Goofy Bingo Night will last about one hour…

    **** Prizes ****
    Prizes will be posted prior to the beginning of the sale of the boards for all to see and get excited about…lol…

    To kickoff the Goofy Character Bingo Game, for a round 3 grand prize, I will start with… Well what else… A PoDM…LOL…

    Prizes for games 1 and 2 posted below…

    The winner of Sunday’s 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Game will be winning a Beauty and the Beast PoDM…!!!

    The winner of Sunday’s 4th Game will be winning a Dumbo PoDM…!!!

    **** Fairness ****As normal with our games we are always willing to take a risk that people play will play our games and we will always award the specified prizes if 2 or 22 are playing… Always!!!
    We also always send the pre-determined results for all games to a DPF Moderator prior to the thread being created, so there is never a concern regarding fairness… The moderator may be contacted anytime after any Goofy game has completed regarding the results and their accuracy…

    Blah, Blah, Blah… Let’s Play Some Bingo!!!!!!!

    So here it is… The Official List of Available Characters that you may use on your personalized boards…


    Baloo Bear





    Captain Hook

    Cheshire Cat



    Cruella de Vil

    Daisy Duck




    Donald Duck




    Figaro the Cat













    Jessica Rabbit

    Jiminy Cricket

    King Louie

    King Triton


    Mad Hatter

    Madam Mim


    March Hare





    Mickey Mouse

    Minnie Mouse

    Mother Gothel








    Peter Pan






    Prince Charming

    Prince Edward

    Prince Eric

    Prince John

    Prince Naveen

    Prince Phillip

    Princess Ariel

    Princess Aurora

    Princess Jasmine

    Princess Rapunzel

    Princess Tiana





    Ray the Firefly

    Robin Hood

    Roger Rabbit



    Scrooge McDuck



    Shere Khan




    Snow White



    Tiger Lily



    Tinker Bell



    White Rabbit

    Winnie the Pooh
    So if you want to play in the Goofy Character Bingo Game… Post your request for a board and let’s get playing…

    The first official Goofy Character Bingo Game will be held
    Already Ended...
    Again players need not be present, but it will be more enjoyable for all the more that are there playing live…
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  2. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    reserved for calls for game 1...

    Game #1 Character Calls…….
    There were 100 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    1. Peter Pan
    2. Happy
    3. Pinocchio
    4. Pocahontas
    5. Stitch
    6. Princess Tiana
    7. Oswald
    8. Jessica Rabbit
    9. Ursula
    10. Tiger Lily
    11. Timon
    12. Tigger
    13. Pongo
    14. Cinderella
    15. Roo
    16. Princess Aurora
    17. Winnie the Pooh
    18. Figaro the Cat
    19. Lady
    20. Maximus
    21. Jafar
    22. Tinker Bell
    23. Roger Rabbit
    24. Prince Charming
    25. Pumbaa
    26. Prince Naveen
    27. Scrooge McDuck
    28. Dopey
    29. White Rabbit
    30. Hades
    31. Prince Eric
    32. Princess Jasmine
    33. Rafiki
    34. Aladdin
    35. Pluto
    36. Robin Hood
    37. Genie
    38. Sneezy
    39. Gaston
    40. Marie
    41. Nala
    42. Minnie Mouse
    43. Chip
    44. Mushu
    45. Cruella de Vil
    46. Jiminy Cricket
    47. Scuttle
    48. Doc
    49. Merlin
    50. Mulan
    51. Rajah
    52. Shere Khan
    53. Prince Phillip
    54. King Louie
    55. Captain Hook
    56. Hercules
    57. Grumpy
    58. Madam Mim
    59. Flounder
    60. Alice
    61. Tramp
    62. March Hare
    63. Pascal
    64. Eeyore
    65. King Triton
    66. Scar
    67. Mufasa
    68. Thumper
    69. Mad Hatter
    70. Mother Gothel
    71. Maurice
    72. Mowgli
    73. Dale
    74. Mickey Mouse
    75. Princess Rapunzel
    76. Princess Ariel
    77. Simba
    78. Cheshire Cat
    79. Piglet
    80. Rabbit
    81. Dewey
    82. Sleepy
    83. Beast
    84. Maleficent
    85. Belle
    86. Donald Duck
    87. Huey
    88. Snow White
    89. Prince John
    90. Bashful
    91. Prince Edward
    92. Ray the Firefly
    93. Flower
    94. Sebastian
    95. Baloo Bear
    96. Daisy Duck
    97. Goofy
    98. Bambi
    99. Giselle
    100. Dumbo
    Timestamp: 2012-11-30 02:32:26 UTC
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  3. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Reserved for calls for game 2...

    Game #2 Character Calls…….
    There were 100 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    1. Bambi
    2. Pongo
    3. King Louie
    4. Jafar
    5. Beast
    6. Dale
    7. Shere Khan
    8. Jiminy Cricket
    9. Maleficent
    10. Captain Hook
    11. Sebastian
    12. Princess Ariel
    13. Alice
    14. Peter Pan
    15. King Triton
    16. Bashful
    17. Aladdin
    18. Rajah
    19. Pluto
    20. Dopey
    21. Genie
    22. Tiger Lily
    23. Minnie Mouse
    24. Snow White
    25. Merlin
    26. Maurice
    27. Flounder
    28. Goofy
    29. Sneezy
    30. Prince Charming
    31. Huey
    32. Tinker Bell
    33. Cinderella
    34. Giselle
    35. Jessica Rabbit
    36. Princess Tiana
    37. Dewey
    38. Hades
    39. Mufasa
    40. Mulan
    41. Piglet
    42. March Hare
    43. Princess Rapunzel
    44. Cruella de Vil
    45. Scar
    46. Belle
    47. Madam Mim
    48. Sleepy
    49. Doc
    50. Chip
    51. Donald Duck
    52. Robin Hood
    53. Flower
    54. Oswald
    55. Scuttle
    56. Prince Naveen
    57. Princess Jasmine
    58. Pumbaa
    59. Grumpy
    60. Eeyore
    61. Mickey Mouse
    62. Timon
    63. Dumbo
    64. Princess Aurora
    65. Hercules
    66. Simba
    67. Prince Eric
    68. Rafiki
    69. Mother Gothel
    70. Cheshire Cat
    71. White Rabbit
    72. Maximus
    73. Mowgli
    74. Roo
    75. Rabbit
    76. Tigger
    77. Pocahontas
    78. Thumper
    79. Figaro the Cat
    80. Scrooge McDuck
    81. Gaston
    82. Daisy Duck
    83. Marie
    84. Winnie the Pooh
    85. Pascal
    86. Roger Rabbit
    87. Prince Phillip
    88. Nala
    89. Mushu
    90. Mad Hatter
    91. Prince John
    92. Happy
    93. Baloo Bear
    94. Ray the Firefly
    95. Lady
    96. Prince Edward
    97. Stitch
    98. Ursula
    99. Tramp
    100. Pinocchio
    Timestamp: 2012-11-30 02:32:59 UTC
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  4. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Reserved for calls game 3...

    Game #3 Character Calls…….
    There were 100 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    1. Shere Khan
    2. Sneezy
    3. Alice
    4. King Triton
    5. Flower
    6. Minnie Mouse
    7. Pinocchio
    8. Chip
    9. Captain Hook
    10. March Hare
    11. Giselle
    12. Cruella de Vil
    13. Roger Rabbit
    14. Prince John
    15. Happy
    16. Roo
    17. Beast
    18. Aladdin
    19. Mickey Mouse
    20. Prince Charming
    21. Jiminy Cricket
    22. Bambi
    23. Rajah
    24. Cheshire Cat
    25. Scar
    26. Tigger
    27. Pascal
    28. Marie
    29. Tramp
    30. Stitch
    31. Scrooge McDuck
    32. Belle
    33. Cinderella
    34. Princess Rapunzel
    35. Sebastian
    36. Princess Jasmine
    37. Prince Eric
    38. Dale
    39. Flounder
    40. Tiger Lily
    41. Tinker Bell
    42. Princess Aurora
    43. Hades
    44. Huey
    45. Mulan
    46. Doc
    47. Pongo
    48. Ursula
    49. Mushu
    50. Maurice
    51. Pumbaa
    52. Rabbit
    53. Figaro the Cat
    54. Maximus
    55. Dewey
    56. Genie
    57. Oswald
    58. Prince Naveen
    59. Snow White
    60. Maleficent
    61. Goofy
    62. Daisy Duck
    63. Thumper
    64. Mufasa
    65. Winnie the Pooh
    66. Mother Gothel
    67. Jafar
    68. Bashful
    69. Jessica Rabbit
    70. White Rabbit
    71. Pocahontas
    72. Grumpy
    73. Merlin
    74. Prince Phillip
    75. King Louie
    76. Baloo Bear
    77. Madam Mim
    78. Robin Hood
    79. Piglet
    80. Mad Hatter
    81. Dumbo
    82. Pluto
    83. Donald Duck
    84. Ray the Firefly
    85. Gaston
    86. Princess Ariel
    87. Princess Tiana
    88. Peter Pan
    89. Lady
    90. Timon
    91. Dopey
    92. Mowgli
    93. Nala
    94. Prince Edward
    95. Scuttle
    96. Sleepy
    97. Hercules
    98. Simba
    99. Eeyore
    100. Rafiki
    Timestamp: 2012-11-30 02:33:34 UTC
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  5. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Prizes are as follows....


    Winner of game 3 will receive choice of either BaTB PoDM...



    Winner of Game 4 wins the Dumbo PoDM...


    Scene posted shortly...
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  6. disneygirl333

    disneygirl333 Gif Enchantress

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    Ooooohhh! I definitely want to play... I'll have to see! There are two other games I am playing in...So, you need payment by Saturday since the game is on Sunday? Hmmmm.....
  7. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora I'm SoraPandora again!

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    OMG! This sounds like it's going to be my favorite Goofy game yet. I LOVE Bingo. I LOVE Disney. This is perfection.

    But... one complaint. Do all these games have to take place one after the other? I love all your games, but I don't have enough money to keep participating in every one! :-/ Take a break, Goofy! My pocketbook begs you. :)

    Oh well, I'll try to make enough for at least one card by the deadline on Sunday... I know I need Figaro the cat on my card for sure. :)
  8. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora I'm SoraPandora again!

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    P.S. Huey, Dewey... but no Louie?

    Curiouser and curiouser...
  9. #1mickeyfreak

    #1mickeyfreak Member

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    And Bingo was is name-O! I'm in!!!!! So if I'm correct, I pay $10 for one card and then I can use that card for all three games? And there could be the possiblity that I could win all 3 games from one card is that correct? I'll send money tomorrow and then I'll PM you my list of characters, cool?
  10. #1mickeyfreak

    #1mickeyfreak Member

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    MOE!!!!!!!! You didn't Wall-E any love in this game? For shame.
  11. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Yes that is correct one card good for all 3 games and you may win more than one...

  12. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    LOL... I figured my biggest complaints would be around the characters chosen... Sorry if anyones favorites were missed...
  13. disneyvillainlover

    disneyvillainlover Member

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    Why not! I'll play. Sending money now. I would like a random board with these characters:
    Captain Hook
    Cruella de Vil


    Jessica Rabbit
    Madam Mim
    Mother Gothel


    Prince Edward
    Princess Ariel
    Ray the Firefly
    Shere Khan
  14. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    The first official board for Sunday's game...


    Good Luck...
  15. SwinginKitten

    SwinginKitten Member

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    Moe!! This is AWESOME! I will definitely be playing! I will send payment and list of characters tomorrow!


  16. disneydreamer

    disneydreamer Member

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    I'd like to have two random cards made please. I'll send my payment later on Friday, if that's ok. Thanks Moe!
  17. Story

    Story PinPics : writerkay

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    This sounds like so much fun! I'm not sure if I can play just yet (need to figure out where my disney trip savings fund is at first ^.^) but even if I'm not playing I'll definitely tune in to see how it goes! Awesome idea, Moe! ;D
  18. slightecho

    slightecho Error

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    Oh man... I love Bingo so much :anxious: I dunno if I can play or not yet, though!
  19. slightecho

    slightecho Error

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    Ah, what the heck! Why not? Sending payment now. Randomized board of these characters, please! ^_^

    Captain Hook[B][B][B][B]
    Mother Gothel[B][B]
    Peter Pan[B][B][B][B]
    Prince Edward[B]
    Prince Eric[B][B]
    Prince Naveen
    [B][B][B]Princess Ariel[B][B]
    Princess Rapunzel[B]
    Princess Tiana[B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]
    [B][B]Snow White[B]
    [B][B][B][B]Tinker Bell[B][B][B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
  20. movingthestars

    movingthestars Active Member

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    Looks like I will be around Sunday night so I would like one entry, here are my characters, don't care which order they go on the board in and you'll get a paypal email shortly :)

    Ray the Firefly
    Prince NaveenPrincess Aurora
    Robin HoodTiger Lilly
    Princess Tiana
    King LouieMarch Hare

    PocahontasPrince John
    Scrooge McDuck
  21. #1mickeyfreak

    #1mickeyfreak Member

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    Payment sent. Here's my picks. Random board please:
    Cheshire Cat
    Donald Duck
    King Triton
    Madam Mim
    Mickey Mouse
    Mother Grothel
    Prince Eric
    Princess Ariel
    Princess Rapunzel
    Roger Rabbit
    Winnie the Pooh
  22. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Your official board...

    Good Luck...
  23. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Your official board...


    Good Luck...
  24. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Your official board...


    Good Luck...
  25. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Hi Moe, I would love to play but do you think I'm able to because of the time difference?
    If it's able I would love 2 bingo cards and on one card Belle and on the other Princess Ariel, the others just random :)
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