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Hello everyone,

I am working on an AI to help determine if a pin is an official pin or not.

I need your help. I need quality photos of official and unofficial pins. Please email
Title the email “official” or “real” if the pin is official or real. If it is not title it “fake” “scrapper” or “counterfeit” Please have one pin per photo. I am not sure if the AI will be able to handle more that one pin per photo at a time. (The backs of pins will be appreciated as well, although not as critical)

I am not sure if this will work, but I am willing to try. I hope to develop an application that will quickly inform the user if a pin is most likely an official pin or not. (I am not sure, if I will try to make money from it or not, but, if I get it to work, anyone that helps with a significant number of quality photos will be able to use it for free. There will also be a drawing for some of my traders for those that contribute the most, so please use the same email account, also include dpf id).

please do not send non-disney pins, or pictures that have drawings in them.
Once I build and train the AI, I will run tests, and post the results (and perhaps a video or two).

Thanks for the help!


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I have both a real and a fake of the same pin. Do you want 1 email with both or separate emails?