For Sale: Pin Boxes made from Classic Disney Clamshell VHS cases

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    We are so excited about this clever way to give Disney Trading Pins in a special Gift Box! It would also make a great Display Case for your starter set or a fun way to carry your pins when trading. Lots of uses for this special Upscaled creation, and they'll make you the hit at Christmas or Birthday time! For all of us who grew up in the 1990s (or have just loved Disney movies since then), these vintage Disney clamshell cases seemed like the perfect thing to combine with the fun of pin trading and collecting.

    $25.00 + SHIPPING

    Please contact us for the shipping cost. Package rates vary by postal zones, so we will need to know your zip code.

    We will ship to Canada and the UK. May be subject to Customs Fees and/or VAT (to be paid by you).

    Also willing to trade for pins on occasion, depending on pin options! If you have any Beauty and the Beast 25 Enchanted Years Reveal/Conceal pins . . . would love to hear from you! Actually, feel free to let us know! Here is a link to a post that lists pins we'd really like to find! So take a look and let us know if you have any and want to trade for a pin case!

    Sold/Ended: - Anyone want to trade?





    You will receive:

    One Upscaled (used) Disney VHS Movie Clamshell Case with Foam-backed Cork Panel to Hold Your Pins (your choice of Movie Cases)
    One loose (unattached) Flannel Pouch for Storing your Pinbacks which Fits Inside (as shown in Photos) or Can be Used Elsewhere

    We have shown pins and pinbacks in a couple of photos, just for those of you who like to see what it could look like. These pins and pinbacks are not included.

    We'll take nice photos of any available box, but I'm including basic photos here and a list of individual titles that are usually/often available. Just e-mail us for availability and photos of the actual box you will receive. These ARE vintage items which may have a dinged corner or discoloration of the plastic case itself. That's why we'll send photos of every side to you before you purchase your pin case. No cracks or anything really bad, and we really wanted to use the cases that we all remember from when we were young. This is such a nice bit of nostalgia! (Sorry, but we don't allow returns, so choose carefully.)

    Sometimes, there are some really great pin collections that are from films only available on DVD. For instance, our cousin and a friend are very keen on Tangled. In those cases, it's possible for us to create a VHS case for films that weren't actually released that way (you can see the result in the third picture, showing three titles made from DVD cases.). Don't hesitate to e-mail us asking about a particular title, even if it's not on the list below!

    Disney Titles/Cases Usually Available:
    101 Dalmations
    A Bug's Life
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Aristocats
    Beauty and the Beast
    Fantasia 2000
    Finding Nemo
    Fun and Fancy Free
    Hunchback of Notre Dame
    The Jungle Book
    Lady and the Tramp
    Lilo and Stitch
    The Lion King
    The Little Mermaid
    Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Mary Poppins
    Mickey's Magical Christmas
    Oliver and Company
    Peter Pan
    Pooh's Grand Adventure
    Pooh's Sing-Along
    Prince of Egypt
    Princess Stories: A Gift from the Heart
    Robin Hood
    Sleeping Beauty
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
    Star Wars (various episodes)
    Tarzan and Jane
    Toy Story

    Live Action Disney Titles/Cases Usually Available:
    Cool Runnings
    The Fighting Prince of Donegal
    Heidi (with Noley Thornton)
    Moon Spinners
    Robin Hood (with Richard Todd)
    Squanto: A Warrior's Tale
    Third Man on the Mountain

    Non-Disney Titles/Cases Usually Available:
    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    The Black Stallion
    The Black Stallion Returns
    Sound of Music
    Assorted Scooby Doo titles
    Man from Snowy River

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