Pin Display Ideas for Kids


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I would love some pin display ideas for my little ones’ collections. This past week, they have become scavengers and have commandeered 20+ pins from my collection.

Currently, I have been keeping my pins on canvas boards as a temporary place until my pin collections are more permanent for shadow boxes. This has worked up until the little ones have started to pull them off by pulling the pins (and some cases backers) all the way through.

I am curious how others with children have chosen to display their children’s collections. Has anyone used the Disney shaped cork boards? I was thinking of buying some for the little ones as early Christmas gifts.

I would love to hear some creative solution to display pins for kids.


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We have similar boards to the shapes only they're rectangles that the kids use. I keep them on the wall so then when they want to add or reorganize they have to ask for help so it gives me a little more control. Then my kids also know that they can't take anything off "mommy's boards".

My 3 and 5 year old have been REALLY into it lately so honestly I've let them play with my scrapper collection. Just pins over the years we have traded with cast members or something for. I eventually plan to turn them into a craft but for now the kids aren't hurting anything playing with them. And this way if they break a post or something I'm not upset. :p

Each of my kids has a lanyard of completely their own pins then they share a board then we also have a "family board" of pin sets we have collected on our trips like mystery sets and such.


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If they like reorganizing them a lot you could go for magnetic boards. You can use pin backs like these. These are from Kraken but Im sure there are more like them. I just glue a small magnet on the back of them and then you can reorganize the pins how many times you like. lessens the risk of damage to the pins. Also works to put on the fridge. But they might be a little to easy to take down and carry away so they might get lost LOL