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Before we get started, I suggest you read the Pin Zaps & Swaps/PIF FAQ first!

Hi Great DPF Pin Traders,

The rules are short and simple:

The next person who posts in reply to mine, will get a pin sent to them by me. After that, the 2nd person will send a pin to the next person who replies to them and so on and so on.

Please be sure to list your email address in the post, so communication will be easy. Please for security reasons your home mail address should only be shared via email and not IN the reply post. (unless you want traders knocking at your door at all hours of the night). Also, if you have general questions regarding this activity, please PM that question to Bricklayer or tiggermickey AND NOT on the thread, in order to avoid order confusion.

Please be respectful to the person you are sending to and mail their pin out as soon as possible. Please do not wait for your pin to arrive before you Pin it Forward. This just slows things down.

Try to mail within a couple days. Please no scrappers or fantasy pins.
This is random, so you never know what you will receive. Thats the fun of it.

Just follow these simple rules:

1) Post after someone
2) Send them your addr.
3) They send you a pin.
4) You acknowledge the receipt of the pin via PM
5) Post the pin(s) you got on the What Did You Get In The Pin It Forward Swap thread
6) Leave Feedback for PIF - IF - you want to.
7)You cannot play more than once a day and you must have three people sign up to play after you before you sign up again.
8)If you can..send DC and send the person who posted under you the DC number(Overseas)theres NO need to,that
can get expensive.
9)Make sure your want list on Pinpics is up to date,as alot of us go by that to send out pins
Please make sure you acknowledge the receipt of pins. And it's really fun to view the What Did You Get.. thread to see what others have sent and received.. PM's, leave Notes, post on the What Did You Get thread, and leave feedback...if you want to

Cannot express this enough...please make sure you post what you recieve!!Have fun


Just a to post pics of what you recieved
In Pinpics:
1. Right click on picture
2. Select properties at bottom of drop down list and the property box opens up
3. Highlight the Address URL and then right click and select copy
Okay now on Pin Forum:
1. In reply box select Image Icon ( it the square with dots at each corner and looks like maybe a tree inside?) and a box will pop up where you can paste the URL Address and hit okay. Picture should appear!

A few more steps but for now it works.

Thanks to BlackSmoke(Joni)for the info

A Reminder:
Please,Please,send your PIF's in a "BUBBLE MAILER"Alot are sending in regular white business envelopes
they go through a machine and that damages the pin!,sometimes no pin at all arrives to the persons home
and please wrap it as well.Thats a pet peeve of mine and others here on DPF!!

DISCLAIMER: I was the one who started this thread , and that people with problems should please take it to the mods or I will close the thread and they should start their own.
PLEASE communicate with each other ..such as sending your addy and pin to the one posted under you!if you are more than a week late sending for some odd reason
or life gets in the way,please let the person(s)know of it...that would help everyone alot!this is suppose to be fun and a pin in the mail as a swap,zap or otherwise
brings a smile to everyones faces..

JUST a heads up!!
WHEN you play are expected to send a PIN!do not let the trader you are suppose to send to down!YOU PLAY THE GAME
the way the rules are stated above!if not ,do not join in...simple as that!

JUST a reminder:put a note in the pkg or on the front stating its a DPF/PIF
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Sign me up. I missed out on the last one, it filled up so fast. Whoever is next, please PM me your info.


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Well I LOVE your name & avatar and am sucking down my first cuppa joe right now, so I am inspired to sign up after you! :)

Laura "Who wants a caffeine-infused pin from me?" Hartog