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I know pin value is subjective to all traders. However, no one wants to get sharked or offer a match that isn’t “fair” so I am asking for some opinions.

Someone posted the below pin and the value they assigned to it. I am interested in the pin and wondered what the value might be. I could not find a sold listing, and I have not seen it for sale recently.

I don’t know if people want to post their thoughts down below or DM me. If rules state this should be DM only, please let me know so I can state that in the title.


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I can't find the mulan specifically but I did find others from that set. So that set is called "Jumbo Film Frame Series". It looks like it was a LE 300 and was from 2010.

From what I can see on eBay they are listed at $100-200 depending on the movie. I did not find ANY Mulan in current or sold listings. I found one Dumbo version that sold for $67 plus shipping but it was the only occurrence of it selling that low and again not Mulan.

Without a whole lot out there in terms of market its really a free for all on pricing. Someone can ask whatever they want when they're the only one with that item available! I'd probably expect with what I saw and the popularity of the character I'd say minimum $150, I also wouldn't be surprised to see it on the higher end, but end of the day an item is only worth what someone will pay.

Here's the pinpics link to that pin so you can see release date, original sale price, etc