Sold/Ended: Ping Cutie, Mulan Dress, Mulan Name Tag, and More

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So I am looking for these pins. I think we all know what they look like, but if not, here are pictures:




REMOVED because found out it's a picture from an internal Disney site.

I have no idea where this third pin is from, I found the picture on Facebook and was like, wow!
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The nametag is super-cool! The edition size suggests it's a cast exclusive, so if it's a legit pin (and not a fantasy pin), maybe it's the Company D type of release? As in, not MOG exclusive, just cast exclusive. Good luck with your quest!


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That name tag was leaked by a CM - where it comes out is internal information until it is released.

Thank you for the information. I will pretend I saw nothing. :)

I've been thinking about this ... Since Mulan actually did have an "army," it would be funnier if you fan-peeps called yourselves Mulan's Party of Ladies Who Lunch (and Bruce). :D

And then Bruce is all:
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