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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by jjgasman, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. jjgasman

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    It seems that PinPics is going out of favor. Is there another site that y'all are using to catalogue your collections and find possible trading partners? Is it easy to "migrate" over from PinPics?

    Lately, all my trade proposals go unanswered on PinPics.
  2. chubs191

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    I use pintradingdb to catalog all my pins from the past 5 years or so. There are many older pins missing, but it's very good for recent releases. And with more people adding to it, the more gaps that can be covered! Depending on how large your collection is, it can be hard to migrate. I suspect they have limitations of ease put into place by not wanting to infringe on Pinpics' "copyright". But there's a chrome extension that a forum member made for the site that makes it easier to update your stuff.

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  3. stratasfan

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    PTD is great for cataloging, but if you are looking for online trading . . . that isn't it. Not yet, anyway. Nobody answers, and there is no way to turn off "trade assist", so people who aren't trading are included in the stats. But it is really good for listing your pins. It is hard to get replies on PinPics, and you do have to send out a lot of trade requests to get answers, but so far, you get way more responses there than PTD. More actual traders need to move to PTD! :)
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  4. Mcgilligan

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    I use both pintradingdb and pinpics but pinpics does not usually have my new pins.

    I am trying to find time to add my pins to ptdb. Approximately 3/4 of my pins are not in the database.

    To make migration easier on myself, I first printed (and saved) three parts of my collection from pinpics (collection, traders and wants). To do this, I go to my collection on pinpics and I click on the printer icon. I then select “Save as Pdf”. I then select the folder where I will save it, and rename it (I usually use the date and another descriptor). I print it (usually in black and white).

    I confirmed that I had those pins in my collection (1 disappeared during/since the move, and 2 I have traded). As I was looking through my pins I placed them into a numbered bin (each bin corresponding to a printed page of pins). I then started to add my collection to ptdb. I removed a pin from my bins then I checked ptdb for it. If it was there I added it to my collection and placed it into another container, if not I put a mark on my paper to add it later and then returned it to the bin. It took some time. I also had a list of the pins I had that were not on pinpics (many were on ptdb) it is mostly newer pins (I do not update that list anymore). Overall I think I will add less pins on ptdb in the long run.

    It is not difficult to migrate, but it is time consuming.
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  5. Gelatoni

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    I've started relying more on excel spreadsheets to track my collection, especially since the pandemic started. This way I can keep track of entire collections with what I'm still looking for, what I have and what I will soon have (ex. ordered online but still need to be delivered/picked up). Since I have the price of the pins in the spreadsheet as well, I can also keep track of my pin spending.
  6. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    For me the pin databases are for trading (tracking has always been completed outside of pinpics)... thus my bottom line frustration with Pinpics is the lack of a good trading DB. Since Pinpics only seems to add real pins when they want eyes on their site to sell/promote their Panopolis thing-a-ma-bobs I do not see Pinpics as a viable long term trading platform.

    Because of this I made the decision to throw my efforts behind as the best chance of gaining a new trading platform. More people are using everyday. It will take time, but it is catching on and gaining momentum. The platform is not a nice for trading as Pinpics (in its functioning)... but hoping that will improve.

    There are other options... as an example, I also have an account on it is both a website and an app for phone (iphone and android). There are ~15,000 pins on the platform to-date. I would describe the platform's current function as a platform to track pins (at least right now.) The platform adds full sets pretty quick, which is great for tracking a set you are trying to complete (mystery sets, hidden mickeys, etc.) The trading function on this platform might someday be wonderful, but currently trading is not user friendly IMO. There is a DPF thread which discusses this platform (run by the website moderator): Collectible PinTrader App and Website | Disney Pin Forum
  7. starry_solo

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    I still need to get an Excel spreadsheet for my pins. I haven't added all my pins to PTDB yet, as I am focusing on the newer pin releases, as are a lot of people who have been adding the pins.

    Collectible Pin Trader App has an agreement with PTDB that they can use PTDB listings on their app, so I think they migrate them over. I believe we have the same agreement, but I have no idea if @ryanfury migrates pins over., mainly because I have no idea how one would do that and not get duplicates. But I'm not in IT, so maybe there is a way....
  8. jjgasman

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    So the challenge is that I primarily have older pins (> 5 years ago) to trade and want!
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  9. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    I primarily have newer pins and want to trade for older pins. All I can say is it will take time.

    I will put out the offer, if you are willing take a picture of your older pin you want to trade. Send it [edit: the picture] to me. I will add it to PTDB.
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  10. Chris Nickols

    Chris Nickols

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    At Pin & Pop (formally Trader Gypsy) we have a similar agreement with pintradingdb and Ryan as the Collectible Pin Trader App team. We promote PTDB through our site and on facebook all the time because of the amazing job they do adding new pins. Can't wait to see PTDB cross the 50K pins threshold ...I know, I know, 40K first but I'm impatient :)

    Our main focus has been building a UI to facilitate our online trading events and providing a "trade protection" feature to make sure all trader's addresses are kept private and that the pins traded are authentic.

    I'd love to share any pins our users have added to pinandpop back to PTDB if we can figure out how to prevent the duplicate issue. Hopefully, the more pin sites that pop up with new functionality, the more value it will provide to the pin collecting & trading community!

    PS - please give me feedback if you check out the pinandpop site or if you've used it before. Every bit helps us improve and I know we have some work to do.
  11. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Thanks for the info... I just joined your site.
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  12. dznycrzyfmly

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    We've successfully used PinandPop before for one of the trade events y'all had last year. We would love to see a way to directly contact someone who has the pin we have interest in trading for outside of the trading events. Let me provide you with an example - I'm searching for the Chesire Cat Hot Cocoa pin from 2019. I can't see if the pin is available for trade outside of a pin event and who, if someone does have it for trade, wants something that I have for trade so that I may initiate conversation. I don't really get to communicate with anyone except the lovely lady who runs the website and checks for pin quality. A little more communication between the people who have pins available for trade would be greatly appreciate. I've only been able to attend one online event but the overall experience was fantastic; I enjoyed the system and how easy it is to navigate. I would like to see where this goes in the future.
  13. Chris Nickols

    Chris Nickols

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    Thanks @dznycrzyfmly for the feedback. We're working to figure out how to get more trade interactions going outside of the events while still facilitating a good experience. No-responses and ghosted trade interactions are frustrating so my hope is that technology can help out with that.

    Also, so I'm NOT hijacking the topic of this thread... I like what the team at is doing too. Not as many pins but they're adding them at a good rate and they have a great resource for pin events.
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  14. dznycrzyfmly

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    I completely agree with you about Pintrader club... we have an account on their as well and have successfully traded with 2 people on that account. We’re dznycrzyfmly there (on all our accounts really including social media). I think people are hesitant about pintrader club because it is based overseas - I’m cool with trading with people overseas and have had much success with our little experience in doing so on theough Pintrader club. I hope more people who are serious about trading get on PTC.

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