Sold/Ended: Pins For Sale- lots of Haunted Mansion and Pooh

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Closing the sale today as I will not have time to ship during the holidays. Thank you everyone

Hi all

Downsizing a little and trying to raise some funds for grail pins and for the holidays.

$5.00 shipping flat rate in USA. There are some pins (box sets, frame sets, etc) that will require extra postage.
Please contact me for international quotes

I could not find current pricing for some pins so I guessed. Please contact me privately if you are interested in something and the price seems over current sale/trade values.

Please post in this thread. I do not receive DM alerts, so posting in this thread is the best way for me to keep track of requests.

I am working a lot of hours right now but will try to comment and respond every night.

Thank you!
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$20- Disneyland 60th Winnie the Pooh D- SOLD
$100- 100073 DSSH Christopher Robin and Friends in Umbrella
$100- 39244 DLR Magical Milestones WTP for President


$40.00 Tokyo Winnie the Pooh 80th Celebration Pooh Mirror
$150- 620000 DS Tigger and Pals Ocean Series
$7-DLP Vampire Pooh-SOLD
$5- DLP Pumpkin Piglet-SOLD


$10- 4925 DLR Tigger in Shades
$10- 4926 DLR Pooh and Piglet in Shades
$20- 4927 DLR Pooh and Piglet with Shell (2 pin set)
$10- Canada Stamp Pooh
$10- Winnie the Pooh Poster Pin
$7- 2916 DLR Pooh and Piglet Playing
$7- 285: DLR Tigger as One Man Band
$5- Happy New Year Pooh-SOLD
$5- Grenada Pooh Stamp (has a clasp pin back)
$10- Anguilla Winnie the Pooh Stamp
$10- 2160 WDW My First Tigger
$5- Tigger on Moon Glitter
$5- Christmas 2003 Pooh Piglet and Eeyore
$5- Tigger in innertube
$20- Friendship day Pooh Gang (still in original baggie)


$40- WDW Wanna Trade Set (5 pins)
$20- 39818 DLR CM Cast Canoe Races Pooh Piglet and Tigger
$25- Hidden Mickey Pooh and Friends Silhoette Pins (set of 6)-SOLD
$10- 847277: WDW Florida Project Mystery Pooh with Pouch


$10-Four Seasons Collection Pooh and Piglet
$15- 6073 M & P Pooh and the Hunny Tree 100 Years of Magic
$10 this is a build your own background with Eeyore and Tigger attachments
$10 this is a build your own background with Piglet and Pooh attachments
$15- 5901 M&P Pooh and Piglet Blustery Day 100 Years of Magic
$15-13086 M & P Pooh and Christopher Robin WTP and the Hunny Tree1966 History of Art
$15- 8457 M & P Pooh WTP and the Blustery Day 100 Years of Magic
$15 M & P WTP and the Honey Tree Pooh and Gopher


$150 Christopher Robin and Pooh Jumbo (still sealed in original bag, which happens to cover the pin.) I can PM you the PP picture if you would like more info about this pin

11/8 added:


$5- Walt Disney Collection Pooh
$7- DLP Halloween Pooh and Piglet


$15- Disneyland Pooh and Friends(2 pin set)-SOLD


$50- Acme Christopher Robin and Pooh
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$5- Haunted Mansion Goofy in Doom Buggy
$10- Constance with Axe-sold
$75-A Piece of Disney Costume History Mickey & Minnie
$5- Ghost in Doom Buggy
$20- DLR CM Exclusive Happy Halloween 2008 Gus
$10-Mickey and Pluto in Graveyard


$20- DLR O'Pin House Finally Open
$25- DLR O'Pin House Music at the Mansion-sold
$25- DLR O'Pin House Hurry Back
$25- DLR Room for One More Caretaker
$25- DLR Room for One More Earl E DeMise
$5- DLR O'Pin House Mickey


$10- WDW GenEaration Caretaker
$50- WDW Classic D HHG Dangle
$25- WDW 40th Anniversary Retro Ezra
$20- WDW Epcot Ear Globe HHG


$90- DLR Surprise Release Coffin HHG (set of 3 pins: Gus, Phineas, and Ezra)
$40- WDI Attraction Letters HHG
$40- WDI Hatbox Ghost and Bride
$40- WDI HHG Classic Pose


$50- 74514 WDI Liberty Square HHG
$50- 93771 WDI Liberty Square HHG


$20- WDI Knight
$40- WDI Bride with Heart
$60-WDI Tokyo Disneyland Holiday Nightmare


$75- DLR Beware of Pin Trading Ghosts
$30- DLR Memories 2005 Jiminy in Doom Buggy-SOLD
$20- DLR Costco DVD Birthday Ghost Blowing out Candles
$25- DLR Goofy and Ghosts E-Ticket Dangle
$20-DLR Decade of Magical Trades Dangle


$40- WDI Magic Kingdom HHG
$15- D23 Expo HHG
$15- WDW 20011 40 Years HHG
$15- DLR Annual Passholder 2009 with card


$15- HHG 3-D (requires extra postage) -sold
$15- WDW 3-D Gate (requires extra [postage)-sold
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$140- WDI Ride Through Series (4 pins)


$35- 7169 NBC Event Logo


$200- Pin Trading Stamp Set- Sepia (9 pins)
$225- Pin Trading Stamp Set- Color (9 pins)

11/10 added:

$5- WDW 35 Magical Years Mystery Mickey and Minnie in Doom Duggy
$25- 69539 DLR Tinkerbell at DLR Mystery
$15- 57804 WDW Mickey and Minnie in Doom Duggy with Ghost
$10- DLR Mickey's Pin Odyssey 2008 Mystery Tin Pluto and Ghost
$25 WDW Florida Project Phineas We're Dying to Meet You Chaser (no pouch)
$25- DLR Retro Collection Mystery (3 ghost set- there is only 1 box)

11/12 added:


$7- Haunted Mansion Suitcase HHG
$10- Haunted Mansion Bat Spinner
$40- 85780 DLR Pin of the Month Cast Member Haunted Mansion with Donald
$7- 81923 DLR 2011Annual Passholder Where Collectors Set- Phineas only
$5- 82467 WDW Pixar Cars Attraction Poter Booster Set- Haunted Mansion only


$40.00 Disney Parks Haunted Mansion A Ghost Will Follow You Home Jumbo (extra postage)
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$20- 121798 Storybook Steeds Mystery Samson
$10- Prince Phillip & Sleeping Beauty Reveal/Conceal Ring-SOLD
$10- DLP Maleficent
$25- Essence of Evil Maleficent


$15-DMC Movie Rewards Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent



$20-Carousel Rapunzel (for those of you not familiar with this pin, it has the wonky eyes)-SOLD
$30-Carousel Jasmine
$30-Carousel Ariel-SOLD
$25-Carousel Tiana
$15-Carousel Cinderella with a box-SOLD
$20-Carousel Belle with a box -SOLD
$15-Carousel Snow White with a box-SOLD

11/10 add:

$50- 126969 DLR Windows of Evil Maleficent
$20 each- 133136 Storybook Series 60th Anniversary Page 5. Briar Rose (2 available)

11/12 added:


$30 each- 2014 SpectroMagic Piece of Disney History
Merryweather (blue)
Fauna (green)
Flora (pink)


$10- Loungefly Locket Rapunzel

$5 each Princess Crest Mystery:
Snow White
Belle Cinderella
Rapunzel (2 available)
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$20- Casting Agency Door Spinner-
$40- 2003 Windows on Main Street Orange Grove Set (extra postage)
$40- DLR Main Street Windows School of Art Set (extra postage)


107647: Character Alphabet C Cheshire-$10
107677: Character Alphabet R Rapunzel-$10 -SOLD
107679: Character Alphabet S Sven-$10-SOLD
107681: Character Alphabet T Tiana-$10
107692: Character Alphabet Y Yensid-$5
$5- Loungefly Kanga
Free with any purchase- Pooh Corner Hartfield (claim with purchase)
$5- Hidden Mickey Florida License Plate
$10 each - 135724: WDW Fairytails 2019 Nero and Brutus Chaser- (have 2 available)

11/10: add:


$20 - 135274 Windows of magic Aladdin- SOLD
$15- 128960 2018 Donut Shop Simba


$7- 31796 DLR America Sings Finale
$5- 129704 Loungefly Simba and Pumbaa
$7- 62382 DLR Birthday of the Month July Cheshire
$10- 7927 ELP Pete's Dragon Elliot Float-SOLD
$10- 2409 DLR 2-Pin Set Disneyland Logo 2000-SOLD


$20- (5 pins. Missing the Minnie pin) requires extra postage

11/12 added:


$5 Tink-SOLD
$7 Halloween Sultan/Jafar
$5 Vinylmation Haunted Mansion Clock
$7 Loungefly Toon Town DLR Mystery Puzzle
$5 DLP Dream Meridia/ bears- SOLD
$7 Haunted Mansion Beware HHG
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$5 each pins in this post (there is a little overlap in the images, so they may appear in more than 1 picture)

Pumbaa chaser
Pumbaa Hidden Mickey x 2
Pumbaa and Timon
Ariel RearView Mirror
Japan Pooh Banana
Japan Piglet with heart balloon
Hidden Mickey A Alice
Hidden Mickey S Simba
Hidden Mickey T Tink
Hidden Mickey C Cheshire
Hidden Mickey E Eeyore
Hidden Mickey L Lucifer
Haunted Mansion Ghost purple
Haunted Mansion Daisy
Aurora Nesting Doll
Pooh and Piglet Pals
Charmed for Sure
Oh My Disney
Chernabog bubble
California Mickey x 2
Maryland Mickey
Captain Mickey
Magical Bus
Ariel x 1
Cinderella Handbag
This is not a pin
Puzzle Pooh
Puzzle Tigger
Maleficent Apple

11/10 more $5 pins added:




sleeping beauty 4 pin set- SOLD


Ambassador x 3- SOLD


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$225 Color set of 9 Winnie The Pooh
$200 Sepia Chaser set of 9 Winnie the Pooh

11/10 added:


empty cards (no pins). Free with purchase. claim with your pins.
or free with no purchase- you pay shipping


assorted empty boxes (no pins). free with purchase. claim with pins.
or free with no purchase- you pay shipping


empty tin. no pins. free with purchase. claim with pins.
or free with no purchase- you pay shipping
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11/10 added:


$150- Haunted Mansion Jumbo in box


$20- 85804 WDW Room for One More Event 2011, Certificate of Death- SOLD
$7- 62868 Caretaker New Orleans Booster
$7- 62867 Constance New Orleans Square Booster
70728 DLR O'Pin House Haunted Mansion Grandfather Clock Jumbo (extra postage)


$50- 33031- 2004 Haunted Mansion Pin Storage House with Pin (extra postage required)-SOLD


$75.00- 72178 WDW Haunted Mansion Attraction Collection 2005 4 pin set in box. extra postage


(Pic 1. -front) of 33731


$200- (Pic 2 open) 33731 WDW Happy Haunts Ball 2004 Buried Secrets (Jumbo pin + 2 pin set).


$200- WDW Room for One More Event Black and Whire Cameo Mystery Collection Set 10 (no chasers) with 7 Coffin Boxes (one box and one pin signed by artist).


$45- Haunted Mansion Glow Mystery Set of 8 with 6 boxes (additional postage required)


$100- Haunted Mansion Character Connection Mystery Set includes both Chasers and boxes (additional postage required)-SOLD


$120- 45th Haunted Mansion Anniversary Mystery Pins with Chasers (12 pins. no Logo )
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11/10 added:


$100- 70730 DLR Pinbassador Inspirations Haunted Mansion Jumbo Moving Day Pin (extra postage)


$10- 121541 DLR Gargoyle Haunted Mansion Bat
$40- 64813 DLR Disney Dreams Collection Nightmare Before Christmas
$10- 112343 -2015 Haunted Mansion Character Connection Mystery -Phineas
$5- 106947 Haunted Mansion Glow Mystery Pin- Quicksand Man
$5- 106239 Haunted Mansion Glow Mystery Pin- Mary Gracie
$10- 115792 Disney Park Attractions Mystery Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts
$7- 103163 Booster Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts

11/12 added:


$5 each Chasers Tombstone Limited Release Mystery:
Opera Singer U R Gone-SOLD
Duelers RIP Mr Sewell-SOLD
Harpist (2 available)-SOLD
Ezra Dustin T Dust (2 available)-SOLD
Headless Knight Theo Later-SOLD
Madame Leota I.L. Beback-SOLD
Gus Beard G.I. Miss You-SOLD
Drinking Tea Ghost-SOLD
Executioner Memorie-SOLD


$5 each Tombstone limited release mystery:
Ezra Dustin T Dust-SOLD
Gus Beard I Miss You-SOLD
Madame Leota I.L. Beback-SOLD


Image 1 above- with doors closed

image 2 above- with doors open

$300- 51299 DLR Featured Artist 2006 NBC Holiday Town Doors Framed 8 Pin Set **PLEASE READ BELOW** + extra postage

I am the original owner and bought this at DLR when released. I have had it on my wall since purchase. It is in good condition with some light wear.
The hinge on the Easter Door (third from right) is loose and will only open all the way. In image 2 you can see it's completely open whereas the other doors have some tension and can stay partially open. If you are interested in this frame and would like to see more pictures, please send me a PM. Thank you
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Hi! I am interested in the Pooh vampire, Piglet in the pumpkin, Cheshire cat alphabet C in the square pin and hidden mickey Alice "A" pin! Thank you! Please feel free to comment or message me on how to pay!
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