Pins needed to complete sets. Add yours.

Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by hopemax, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Vickie2011

    Vickie2011 Member

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    Wanted mickey cupcake pin

    My daughter is looking for the mickey cupcake pin. We have an extra Donald or Marie cupcake to trade. Thanks
  2. FunOnABun

    FunOnABun Member

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    I need:

    Pin 95042: 2013 Pixar Mystery Collection- Brave- Harris, Hubert, and Hamish as Bears
    Pin 95043: 2013 Pixar Mystery Collection- Brave- Angus

    I have the following for trade if anyone needs them to complete their collection:

    Pin 95055: 2013 Pixar Mystery Collection- The Incredibles- Syndrome- CHASER
    Pin 95052: 2013 Pixar Mystery Collection-The Incredibles- Dash and Violet
  3. FunOnABun

    FunOnABun Member

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    Also need the following to complete my HM Popcorn Label set:
    Pin 94927: WDW/DLR - 2013 Hidden Mickey Series - Character Popcorn Labels - Pluto
    Pin 95120: DLR - 2013 Hidden Mickey Series - Character Popcorn Labels- Pluto CHASER
  4. evlover0327

    evlover0327 Mane Event

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    I need

    Pin 90944: Good Vs Evil - Mystery Pack - Jack Skellington Only
    Pin 90945: Good Vs Evil - Mystery Pack - Oogie Boogie Only

    Pin 78568: Mini-Pin Collection - Villains (Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam Only)
    Pin 78569: Mini-Pin Collection - Villains (Hades, Pain, and Panic Only)
    Pin 78571: Mini-Pin Collection - Villains (Captain Hook and Smee Only)
    Pin 78572: Mini-Pin Collection - Villains (Cruella De Vil, Horace, and Jasper Only)
    Pin 78573: Mini-Pin Collection - Villains (Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts Only)
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  5. tiggermickey

    tiggermickey DPF Correspondent DPF Correspondent

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    PM sent

    I have:
    Pin 90876: Stylized Disney Princess Designer Shoes Booster Set - Aurora
  6. wonderment77

    wonderment77 DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I need the Damsella pins. Months Jan., Mar., Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Dec and Bad News months Jan, June, July and Sept
  7. Katdianee

    Katdianee Forever a Princess

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    Last birthstone I need: Pin 22739: WDW - Princess Premiere Birthstone (Mulan/July)
    It would be amazing if someone could help me with her!!

    Pin 26362: The Kiss (Cinderella)
    Pin 26365: The Kiss (Beauty and the Beast)

    MASTER UP UP and UP! DPF Charter Member

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    Got a few today at DSF 4th of July release and working on finishing this Theme! Before the next generation of PTD's arrive.

    I need 30 Pin Traders Delight pins
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    trade did not follow up. still need [​IMG]
    YES THESE ASLO (COMPLETIST)[​IMG][​IMG] prefer on original backing cards but if I must, I will take just the pin.

    I can trade PTD for PTD depending on pin or Multiple PTD for a single PTD also depending on the pin. I have plenty of traders in books that I can offer OVER OFFER you for a trade depending on the pin of course.

    Please PM me and see what we can come up with.
  9. buckout911

    buckout911 Member

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    Please help me find these pins to complete sets.
    Thank you, Al
    2005 DLR Original Attractions
    Pin36531: DLR - Original Attraction 2005 (Chip & Dale Horse-Drawn Streetcar)Surprise Release
    Pin40931: DLR - Original Attraction 2005 - Autopia (Goofy) Surprise Release
    2006 DLR Remember when
    Pin44223: DLR - Remember When 2006 Collection - Skull Rock (Surprise Release)
    Pin44951: DLR - Remember When 2006 Collection - PeopleMover - Donald Duck(Surprise Release)
    Pin45907: DLR - Remember When 2006 Collection - Skyway (Surprise Release)
    Pin47168: DLR - Remember When 2006 Collection - Submarine Voyage (SurpriseRelease)
    Pin48267: DLR - Remember When 2006 Collection - America Sings - Mickey Mouse(Surprise Release)
    Pin51663: DLR - Remember When 2006 Collection - House of the Future (Chip 'n'Dale) Surprise Release
    DLR E-Tickets
    Pin30122: DLR Annual Passholder E-Ticket - Pirates of the Caribbean
    Pin27738: DLR Annual Passholder E-Ticket - Haunted Mansion
    Pin30134: DLR Annual Passholder E-Ticket - Space Mountain
    Pin42588: DLR - Passholder Exclusive - Disneyland E Ticket Collection - CountryBear Jamboree
    Pin43880: DLR - Passholder Exclusive - E Ticket Collection - Enchanted Tiki Room
    Pin44952: DLR Passholder Exclusive - E Ticket Collection - Great Moments with Mr.Lincoln
    Pin47947: DLR - Passholder Exclusive - Disneyland E Ticket Collection - Santa FeRailroad (Mickey)
    Pin49633: DLR - Passholder Exclusive - Disneyland E Ticket Collection - it's asmall world (Minnie Mouse)
    2007 Welcome
    Pin51701: DLR - Welcome Annual Passholders 2007 - Mickey Mouse (Dangle)
    Pin52124: DLR - Welcome Annual Passholders 2007 - Belle (Dangle)
    Pin53139: DLR - Welcome Annual Passholders 2007 - Pinocchio (Dangle)
    Pin57678: DLR - Welcome Annual Passholders 2007 - Scrooge McDuck (Dangle)
  10. AJarofDirt

    AJarofDirt And guess what's inside it

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    I still need these pins to complete part of my Monsters University collection-
    Pin 96924: Monsters University - Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK) - Donna, Debbie, Maria, Carla, Brynn, and Violet
    Pin 96517: Monster's University - Roar Omega Roar (RΩR, ROR) - Johnny, Chet, Randall, Javier, Reggie, Chip
    Pin 96766: Monsters University - Python Nu Kappa (PNK) - Taylor, Carrie, Heather, Naomi, Crystal, and Britney
    Pin 96841: Monsters University - Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS) - Nadya, Nancy, Rhonda, Rosie, Sonia, and Susan
    Pin 96845: Monsters University - Jaws Theta Chi (JOX) - George, Percy, Big Red, Dirk, Babosa and Omar

    I'm always open to multi-pin trades (considering how I don't have a lot) and will be willing to pay as well. Please help me out :)
  11. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    Just 3 more pins to complete my birthstone set!

  12. tingywingy

    tingywingy Member

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    [​IMG] Help! We are missing this Flora PTD to complete the trio! Please let us know if you can help - we have updated our traders.
  13. kupo1121

    kupo1121 Master Pin Synthesizer

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    After having realized that I finished both sets that I last spoke of (Stained Glass and WDI Thrill ride), I'm only doing 2 more sets right now and at the moment, that's all I plan to do for a very long time. The pins I'm missing to complete my sets are:

    Wreck-It-Ralph Collection
    [TR="bgcolor: #CECECE"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 93079: [/TD]
    [TD]DSF - Wreck it Ralph (Ralph)[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #E4E4E4"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 92875: [/TD]
    [TD]Wreck-It Ralph - Mystery Set - Ralph (Hero's Duty) ONLY[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #CECECE"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 92876: [/TD]
    [TD]Wreck-It Ralph - Mystery Set - Sergeant Calhoun ONLY[/TD]

    Stitch with Disney Heroines Set (this is not an official collection, just one I'd love to own):

    [TR="bgcolor: #CECECE"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 76177: [/TD]
    [TD] - Guest Star Stitch Set (Ariel Only)[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #E4E4E4"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 76181: [/TD]
    [TD] - Guest Star Stitch Set - Robin Hood Only[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #CECECE"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 67920: [/TD]
    [TD] Be My Valentine Stitch Pin Set Cinderella & Stitch only[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #E4E4E4"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 68065: [/TD]
    [TD] - Be my Valentine - Stitch - 6 Pin Set (Sleeping Beauty Only)[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #E4E4E4"]
    [TD="align: center"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Pin 36860: [/TD]
    [TD]Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Stitch & Pocahontas[/TD]

  14. chroll

    chroll Active Member

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    This isn't an official set, but I am trying to get all of the Peter & the Wolf pins. There are nine total and I have six. Two of the three keep slipping right through my fingers! It's discouraging, but I hope to find them all eventually.

    [​IMG] Pin 15112: The Search For Imagination Pin Event - Artist Choice #3 (Peter the Wolf) 3D

    [​IMG] Pin 45735: Disney Auctions - DLR (LE 50 Gold Edition) Framed Map & Pins (Peter and the Wolf)

    [​IMG] Pin 73907: - Jumbo Disney Villains Series - The Wolf

    my collection so far!
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  15. jeffpriz

    jeffpriz bona fide pater familias

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    I am trying to complete the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom mystery set, and need two pins to have the set!

    I am looking for
    Jafar - [pinpics]91737[/pinpics]
    Scar - [pinpics]91738[/pinpics]

    I have some doubles from the set to trade, I have Hades, Gov. Ratcliffe, and Chernabog... if there is any help that would be really great!

  16. bhughes

    bhughes New Member

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  17. disneypinqueen

    disneypinqueen ~Villainous Diva~

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for these two pins to complete my sets. Any help would be totally appreciated! Thanks!

    [​IMG] Pin 3796: Peasant Merryweather

    [​IMG]Pin 48840: Princess Aurora - Briar Rose Dancing
  18. Tbird

    Tbird Active Member

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    Here are a few I'm looking for:
    Pin 7220: DS - 100 Years of Dreams - #16 Snow White (1937)
    Pin 7432: DS - 100 Years of Dreams - #24 Grumpy
    Pin 47685: WDW - Hidden Mickey Collection - License Plate ( Queen heart s)

    And these two fantasy pins:
    Pin 52566: Princess Christmas Train (Snow White)
    Pin 52568: Princess Christmas Train (Belle)
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  19. Suzziesue

    Suzziesue Crazy for Disney Pins

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    Hi all. I am getting closer and closer to completing my PTD collection. I still need these pins. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone.

    50303. Mickey
    53970. Mickey
    54068. Mickey
    57933. Jiminy Cricket
    62065. Pluto
    64121. Pooh
    65201. King Louie
    65404. Huey, Duey, Louie
    72254. Tinker Bell
    74557. Mickey
    79176. Pooh
    82933. Grumpy
    83499. Stitch
    84674. Tinker Bell

    Thank you for looking.
  20. Vixy

    Vixy The Girl That's Never Been

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    I have almost all of the Mad Ice Cream Party now! I just need Alice:
    I have a little more than half the Alice mystery cards now. These are the ones I still need:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  21. Maleficent913

    Maleficent913 Beautifully Tragic

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    Character Connection Villains Puzzle pieces: Chernabog, Madame Mim, and Ursula. I have 2 Old Hags and 2 Hades to trade out for them.
  22. dulcecab13

    dulcecab13 Member

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    I need the Wall-e El Capitan Theatre Seat! Not sure if I have any pins that belong in a set but check out my pinpics or if you have this pin, we can work something out from my personal collection as well (not listed on PinPics)
  23. rif-raf

    rif-raf Rafael

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    RoE Mystery Collection: (Have Maleficent, Hook, Cruella, Cruella chaser, Jafar chaser for trade)
    Set Completed! Will trade extras.

    Character Connection Villains: (Have Shere Khan for trade)
    Character Connection Disney Villains - Cruella De Vil (Chaser Variant)

    Pixar Character Connection: (Have Dory, Remy, Merida for trade)
    Set Completed! Will trade extras.

    Villains B.O.L.O.: (Have Jafar for trade)
    Set Completed! Will trade extras.
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  24. Jenericrogers

    Jenericrogers New Member

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    I'm in need of the following pins to complete my sets, thanks for any help :)

    Pin 55218: WDW - Spotlight Bag of Candy Collection (Chip & Dale Snack Company Peanuts)

    Pin 59779: DLR - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 70th Anniversary - Doc
    Pin 59782: DLR - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 70th Anniversary - Dopey
    Pin 59783: DLR - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 70th Anniversary - Sneezy

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  25. jillybeans

    jillybeans New Member

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    Hello everyone! I'm trying to trade these pins in the lower right section of this picture! These pins are from the Hero vs. Villains series! :) PM me if interested. [​IMG]

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