Zapped! Prestadigitonium!


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That must have been the spell @MerlinEmrys used to send these beauties to my mailbox:


This fabulous guy zapped me two beautiful Mulan pins that I wasn't sure I would get for myself. Backstory: not long after Merlin opened requests for the WiR2 boxes, which I eagerly requested, my mental health took a nose-dive. I knew I wouldn't be up for trading, so I asked Merlin to take me off the list. (Backstory backstory: this is not the first time I have done this. In addition to so generously doing pickups, Merlin is also extremely gracious about changes to requests. [Within limits, people. Let's not take advantage of the man's generosity.])

With changes to my meds and more frequent therapy, I'm doing better, but it's a long road (as so many of you know). To be handed a tangible reminder that someone out there cares and thinks I'm worthy to receive a kind gesture... well, in the words of Martha Stewart, it's a good thing. :)


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Beautiful pins!
I'm glad you're beginning to feel better, please don't think that noone cares! We all do here and my DMs are open if you need a chat :)


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Wonderful pins. Great job, Merlin.
Hppe you continue to feel better and better.

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