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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by xdattax, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. xdattax

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    Wear sunscreen y’all. I’m on my way to CVS for after sun lotion at 9PM because I got good and sunburnt out lobster diving today for day one of Mini Season. I foolishly removed my Columbia shirt and rode around in the boat in my sports bra. Sun screen had been applied to face, chest, and neck but not back. So the front of me looks sunkissed in the good way the back of me looks red.

    So, wear your sunscreen and reapply!

    And keep us in your thoughts, we’re going again tomorrow. We only got 11 bugs today. I will be wearing more clothing tomorrow for sure!
  2. Purplemandms

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    Yikes!!! Feel better

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  3. krand1276

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    Oh, no! That’s not fun! Hope it heals quickly! But have a fantastic time tomorrow!
  4. dancecats

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    Coming from someone who, with insufficient suncream, will go from white to lobster red to back to white (no in-between), I can completely sympathize with you and the pain you must be experiencing. I stock up on (no joke) SPF 100+ before I go anyplace where I might be exposed to sun - and apply it religiously. I'm the only person who can return from a week in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean looking just as pale (or paler) as I did before I left. If I didn't have the photos for proof, nobody would believe I even went!

    But for the sunburn itself ... try the following:

    Aloe vera gel will be your savior! In all its forms. Stick it in the fridge and just pour it on you, it will feel amazing cool. Or if you have access to ice cube trays and a freezer, pour the gel into the trays, freeze them, and then let the 'ice cubes' melt over your sunburn - it feels amazing!

    Another option will be soaking wash cloths in cool water and putting them on the sunburn. This pulls the heat from the burn and makes your skin feel cooler.

    I hope you feel better - and have fun! Those insect bites are another story (Benadryl is the only thing that works for me with the itching!)
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