References!! A how-to guide for the new user!!!


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Congratulations !!
You are sitting there ready to start trading, you have trader pins, a list of what you want and what you will trade, you even have the SPECTACULARLY INCREDIBLE trade forum on DPF to advertise and respond to folks offering to trade with you,
But how do you get these references everyone wants to see?
You know that they dont mean "references", but what does it mean?

In a nutshell , references for pin trading are vouchers of good faith, these listing are of people you have traded with that are basically sayin "hey this trader is a good egg, they shoot straight, they send what they say, " It allows other traders to know you are serious, the length of time you have been involved in trading<to some degree> and how folks feel about you as a trader<are you communicative, quick shipper, the like>

So how do you leave references?? To some of us it is easy, we have used this same system before, and like Windows on the Pc , if you open one office outlook you done em all!!, But for some of us new to the system and there are quite a few, here is a quick primer to get you familiar with what you SHOULD do, and what you can do!!!

First off - you need an email account set up <this is how most sites and social network trades will track your trading history and ultimately your trustworthiness and accountability.
Second-you will need to know what pins you have and which system you are using to reference them from<several sites will have different reference numbers for the same pin> so knowing which reference system is used and which pin is very important!!!!!
Lastly you will need a trade completed-
When your trade is completed<mostly when the pin arrives to you, but for some traders when all pins have been secured and no issues about the trade have been voiced, it is however considered poor form to "hold hostage" feedback while awaiting someone else to leave it for you, a quick note to the other trader telling them you are waiting till everyone is happy before leaving is considered polite and will save some hurt or suspicious feelings>
You can come straight here to DPF and take care of the last details with just a few clicks
Dizpins References <you decide what you want to call it>
Use this link to leave references, <save link to favorites once there or file wherever you feel appropriate> .Follow the first page settings to check references,
The dropdown menu will lead you to reference check or reference submit tabs,
click submit,
You should then follow onscreen instructions, by entering each line of info needed<yes all blanks must be filled in, so it helps to have the envelope your new pin came in, after all that envelope has the name of the trader you recieved the pin from and you should already have their email from contact setting up trade>in the appropriate blanks.
Be sure spelling of email addy is correct<this is how database tracks you by email, you may wish to create a "dummy" account somewhere, but this is where all your references will be coming from , so I just use my own anyway,
From there select next drop down tab<trade,sale,buy>and highlite choice,
enter date<some folks choose to use the date of trade, some others use the date of recieving>
Click submit!
Double check!!
The next screen should list the email of the person you just recomended and thank you for submitting,
If not the submission was not accepted<happens rarely but does happen>. Repeat process if first submission fails.
Exit or click submit second reference<this feature is great because you will not have to enter your information in the first section a second time , it remains and only the recomendee is blank for the new reference>
The second feature is reference check, this is a simple email search of the database and a seperat spreadsheet of completed recomedations.
Click Reference check,
Enter email for person you are checking<either as potential trader whom you do not know, or as seller/buyer of products> press submit tab.
You can see others names that have traded with your reference check The spreadsheet contains just site ID names, first names of traders , email address of traders ,dates of trades and ratings. This is extremely usefull when a too good to be true trader comes along< or when you see someone whom hasnt traded in a while suddenly active again> mostly it helps traders reassure themselves that the person they are trading with has been at it for a while and is well reputed within the community.

DPF References
This system is even easier to use, after all you are already a DPF member if you are reading this, your log in, email and all the rest is already in this database!! So leaving and checking references is even easier!!
First click tab for Communtiy
Highlite and click members list
Search for name of DPF member you traded with, when found<alphabetical listings>
click on name of trader/tradee. This will take you to thier Profile page.
Find the tab labeled Feedback Score, click that tab.
This will take you to a new page listing a brief synopsis of the traders history here on DPF<note this is only the trades so far on DPF and another reason to utilize the Pinpics reference list as many of our new members here are experienced traders there, just no DPF references yet>
Find the bold text line that says Submit Feedback for XXXXX.
The line below that is to View already submitted feedback.
Click the Submit Feedback for XXXXX line of text.
The next screen should now seem somewhat familiar.
Click on drop down for first line, chose trade,buy sell.
Click drop down box on second line, chose positive, nuetral or negative.
Add visible comment<this is what we all see if we look at the View feedback file>
Add text for trader only. This is space for you to tell your new pin friend anything about the trade. Only the trader/tradee and DPF staff have access to this section.
Now the only thing left is to click the submit feedback button at the bottom of the page!!
IT is VERY VERY IMPORTANT that you click this button ONLY once. The system will automatically repost your entire reference if you double click this button!!!
Be carefull!!!<Otherwise, the fantabulous mods will have to be appeased to get your booboo repaired!!>
Thats it, you just left your first feedback !!!
Now a polite or quick PM or email to let your new pintrading friend know that you have recommended them to the world and you should be done!!!
I hope this helps anyone that may not have much experience with the system, and that it makes it easier for our newest members to be a participating in our wonderfull hobby!!
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Revised for current and future trading ReRevised on 6/24/2014 to reflect updated trading methods.
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