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    Greetings all, and welcome to the DPF pin sales forum! We have implemented the following general forum rules (don't fret - they're very easy to abide by) in order to help sales run smoothly and efficiently.

    Thread Posting Guidelines: If you do not follow these guidelines, your post will be deleted.

    • Thread titles MUST contain a prefix.
      • For Sale:
      • Want to Buy:
    • Thread titles should be descriptive of what is for sale or trade.
    • Thread content should contain as much information as possible -- If there are any issues with any pins, please be up front about the condition.
    • All threads must contain prices.
    • PayPal Goods is the ONLY acceptable means of payment on this forum. Please make sure to calculate the fee as part of your price, if your price is shipped, or as part of the shipping/handling portion. DO NOT ask for payment as PayPal Friends & Family / Gift.

    Forum Rules:

    • You may post your Disneyana or other collectible items for sale in this forum, as well as requests for items you are looking to buy.
    • Please limit "bumping" your post to once a day.
    • No counterfeit items may be sold in this forum.
    • Fantasy and custom collectibles are allowed to be bought and sold in this forum as long as they are not misrepresented as officially licensed Disney products.
    • Disney Pin Forum is not an auction site. Direct links by members to eBay auctions or other auctions are NOT allowed.
    • When posting an item for sale, please state specific prices for your item(s), instead of asking buyers to make offers. Posts MUST contain a price.
    • "Feeler" posts are not allowed.
    • Under no circumstances is anyone to reply to a post suggesting that the item can be found cheaper elsewhere. It is the buyer's responsibility (not other forum members) to look for the best deal. Members are trying to sell their items in a safe environment without fear of others trying to undercut their sales.
    • Please ask an Admin or Mod to merge your similar Wanting to Buy/Wanting to Sell threads as a convenience for other members and to avoid unnecessary forum crowding. We request members only have two (2) active WTB/WTS threads.
    • Mods and Admins may, at their discretion, combine, close, or remove any redundant threads/posts by a single member.
    • All sales and purchases are at the risk of the individuals involved. Please be certain that you make safe and intelligent secure payment and shipping arrangements. is not responsible/liable for any pin(s) or other item advertised for sale in this forum, the integrity of that product's representation, any sales that go uncompensated, or the shipment or transport of any items.
    • does not promote/endorse any products listed for sale in this forum.
    • These rules are subject to change by
    • Looking to sell or search for authorized Disney pins? Please post your items and requests in the Pins for Sale/Wanted forum.
    • In order to create a thread in the marketplace forums, the following conditions must be met:

      -Be a member on DPF for at least 10 days
      -Need to have at least 30 posts

      New members are still allowed to browse and reply to threads in the marketplace (ie. buy or trade with established members) but will not be able to post a new thread to sell or trade their own goods until they have met the above criteria.
    • Payments - Starting October 1st, 2013, all prices posted in the sales forum are to reflect a price that includes PayPal seller fees if so desired. Starting October 1st, all transactions should be done as a payment for goods instead of a gift, unless privately discussed between seller and buyer. Please Note: All transactions done as GIFTS do not offer ANY form of buyer protection via PayPal and are done at the buyer's own risk! PAYPAL GOODS is the only acceptable method of accepting payment on this forum (unless you meet up in person for the transaction)
    • Unresolved Trades & Purchases - Starting immediately, if a trade/purchase goes past the 30 day mark and you have not received the item, or any form of customs number for international shippings, we recommend leaving feedback that properly reflects the situation, i.e. negative. If the situation is resolved after feedback is left, it can be altered if requested by the one who left it.‚Äč

      Feel free to contact a Moderator or Administrator for possible help in resolving a trade/purchase issue, but all sales and purchases are at the risk of the individuals involved.

    Happy sales! Remember, communication is the key to successful sales and purchases.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a private message, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.
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