Scrappers Vs. Counterfiets (and how to tell)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Thanks for the guide! It was very helpful.
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    Thanks for writing this post. Very informative.
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    How do you tell the counterfeit pins of older ones which do not have the mickey background on the back. They are just plain backs.
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    You want to check the release date and make sure it's correct. If it's a part of a hidden Mickey collection you also want to look at the number of the pin in the collection. A lot of counterfeit pins are incorrect and there are also no spaces between the stamped writing.
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    Great thread and highly useful! Thanks to all posters. Thus ends my ebay habit!
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you for the post! I am really tired of going to WDW and seeing 75% of the cast members lanyards full of scrappers. It really takes the enjoyment out of trading when you feel like you are being ripped off.
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    What if you have pins that were made before Disney
    started doing the Mickey head background proofing?
    how do you tell then?
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    There are indicators for the older pins, including but not limited to: being magnetic (for the most part, they shouldn't be, though there are some exceptions), bad detail- especially the eyes of the character(s) depicted, lack of or too much of a given color, and the general indicators for any fake pins: lightweight and/or thin metal, sharp or rough edges, misspelled words, and bad enamel fill. Again, there are more indicators than these, and if a pin meets only one of these, it isn't necessarily fake or a scrapper (there is a difference between the two also).
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    Thank you for the reply Ildar :)
    It's a shame people feel the need to
    put all of those fakes out there for us
    to have to sift through.
    It's true that the fakes can look nice
    and make a collection seem complete
    but there is just something satisfying
    about an authentically complete
    set ◠‿◠
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    Thank You for such an informative post. Now I know the difference between a counterfeit pin and a scapper pin.
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  13. Atiffany11

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    Awesome info on this. I've always wondered the best ways to determine this. I'm glad I found this!
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    This post is so helpful. After reading this I went through my collection pin by pin to see if I had any counterfeit pins and unfortunately I did find one. It was disheartening but luckily it wasn't my favorite pin, however, I'm keeping it in my collection. It's so unfortunate that this is such a problem but it helps to know the fine line between scrappers and counterfeits.
    Unfortunately this pin came from a popular collectibles warehouse where dozens of vendors have booths open weekly. I have never had issues with them before as the pin booth owners scan their pins for authenticity before selling them. Now I have to have my eyes open even more so.
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    Thanks for posting! This was very helpful.
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    I just re-read this thread. Ty!
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    Thanks for this helpful, informative post!
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    Good info
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    Incredibly helpful!!
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    New member here, but been trading for a few years, and orlando local. This is a great thread with lots of useful info. Just a little update on the cast member reactions to being told they have a counterfeit or scrapper pin on their lanyard:

    At the Outpost in World Showcase, I was told that they only do the magnetic test to determine if a pin is fake or not, so if it's not magnetic, they don't check other tells.

    At Animal Kingdom, I was told that CMs have been told to consider scrappers tradable, but not counterfeit pins. However, the CMs I was talking to clearly could not tell the difference between the 2.

    At DPT in Disney Springs, a CM told me that they've been instructed to not check the pins at all when trading, but that they know they're mostly dealing with scrappers and counterfeit pins purchased in large quantities online, so their pins are all collected at the end of the day to be inspected, with any fakes going to be recycled into new genuine pins.

    All in all, it's disheartening to know that there's no single clear policy about this across the resort, or the company.
  21. swscref

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    As an FYI, there are pins that have been produced for Disney that are magnetic. They are the exception and not the rule, but this attribute alone will not determine a pins is not legitimate.
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    Thanks for the post, is the border on the back as in the picture true for all Disney pins? As I have pins that I have purchased at Disney world that do not have that type of back image as in the picture. Thanks!
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    No, older Disney pins will have a traditional waffle back (lines running perpendicular to each other) or sometimes they may even be smooth without a pattern. The Mickey waffle pattern showed up around 2012.

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