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Hi, everyone, I just wanted to make a thread to see if there would be any interest in filling a co-op for this pin advent calendar that has appeared on shop Disney UK today:


I personally just need the Lion King and the Lady and the Tramp ones, but if there's interest for the others I could purchase it and do a co-op!

The cost is £200 for 24 pins, this works out at £8.33 or $11.44 per pin. There would then be a little added for paypal fees, and of course shipping costs. I'm in the UK so that's a thing to keep in mind :)

If you'd be interested please comment with the pin(s) you'd want?

Sword in the Stone: brattyjedi
Mulan: bcol
The Rescuers:
Emperors New Groove: Spr175psu / backup sbmpins
Cinderella: Spr175psu
Robin Hood: brattyjedi
Snow White:
Little Mermaid: brattyjedi
Peter Pan:
Hunchback of Notre Dame:
Aristocats: zombiereign
Fox and the Hound:
Oliver and Co:
Lion King: Loomi
Alice in Wonderland:
Lady and The Tramp: Loomi
Beauty and the Beast:
Sleeping Beauty:
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Updated up to here :) I am only looking at one set right now but will add backup names in case of drop outs.


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Edit: I found the ones I need so I don't need to be a backup anymore. Thanks!
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Just a heads up . The set has sold out via the UK store
If you're willing to buy from the European versions they're still in stock , no free shipping though