Zapped! So Many Zaps!


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So, in the mail from during our trip, there were a few packages and some fantastic zaps! These were so awesome because my husband and I were exhausted (we’d been up for 25 hours on travel day) and we each came back with colds. I got to open a couple of the packages as we were trying to recover the next day. For some reason, the post office delivered half the mail hold on Wednesday and the other half on Friday. Anyway, onto the zaps!

@timeerkat sent a trade and some zaps as well as a Shanghai Donald Halloween sticker, lollipops (See’s is the best!) and a chocolate ghost. The Eeyore and Darkwing were part of our trade and one more would have rounded it out, but she zapped me with others. Super nice!



There was also a package from @Tokaji with the two pins from our trade, an Elsa sticker, and this wonderful Scrooge pin! I didn’t think I would get this one for quite a while! It’s Scrooge!


And finally, there were two packages from @Hiddenmickey2018. One was for the trade we had made. The other was a zap package with two pins. He actively searched for the Ulf pin for me and it is so appreciated! Two left to complete the set. My husband (and I) loved the Chip and Dale pin. He’s a ‘munk fanatic.


Thank you so much, guys! All three of you are so amazing and your generosity is so appreciated!

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