Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Ending

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by a4matte, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. a4matte

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    Heads up to anyone that plays the game or just likes to collect the cards - the game will be closing at the end of the month.

    Via Attractions Magazine
  2. Haunted575

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    I’m sad to see this end.

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  3. coblj003

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    This started after my time there and now I won’t be able to experience it outside cards/pins...
  4. timeerkat

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    I'm sad to see it go, but I understand. There seemed to be fewer and fewer people playing each time I went. I'm guessing this will also end the special event SOTMK cards as well for future special events.
  5. Ajk

    Ajk Let's party like its 2019.

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    That’s a bummer. I only recently started to play it and really enjoyed it as a little something extra to do in the parks. And I liked collecting the cards. But I’ll collect most things.
  6. BellesEnchantedRose

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    This was the first memorable experience @Chilikitty and I had at WDW on our first visit. I will admit we haven't participated in it since then.
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  7. TonkaToy

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    It was fun, but to complete a full game - which I did one time - was a little daunting - it took awhile.
    Because of that, I have only completed it once at the medium level. I'll miss the opportunity to play though.
  8. theoucharis

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    I am so sad to hear this. We tried it the last time we were at WDW, but my daughter was too young to really appreciate it. She enjoyed watching others play. I worked to collect cards for her, as we had planned a trip to WDW this past November. But, understandably, we canceled the trip. Now she won't get the chance to try it again, especially with the cards we had collected.

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  9. Chilikitty

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    [mention]Lizard1515 [/mention] and I had so much fun the first time we went playing this. I think we even traded a couple cards with locals. I’m sad it’s going away...

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  10. figment919

    figment919 Active Member

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    Pin stuff - A very nice 10 pin Mystery set came out in 2012 for the SOMG. PinPics # 91730-91739. I have the full set, and I have a Ursula and Cruella available for Trade,
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  11. dznycrzyfmly

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    I feel like Disney missed a huge opportunity for making money off of merch when they didn't put a lot of effort into the Sorceror's of the Magic Kingdom game because this was like the real life equivalent of the Kingdom Keepers book series. Disney could have done so much with mystery pins, merchandise.. it could have been a HUGE deal! I would have done it. Come on Disney... hire folks that have good ideas.
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  12. Pecosace

    Pecosace Well-Known Member

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    This is a huge bummer to hear since it was one of my favorite things to do. I had all but one of the original cards and would always want to go to the special events to get those exclusive cards but never was able to. I remember when it started off and people would gather in Tortuga Tavern across from POTC trying to get people to trade away cards. I never did complete the entire game but I think only just did the first level when I was there. I was lucky to do it the last time I was there in January and was put in Frontierland. I thought it was such a good activity to do when the lines were long or waiting for a Fastpass or just when you wanted something else to do.

    I hope this doesn't lead to removing the Pirates, World Showcase series, and Wilderness Explorer interactive games. I definitely agree too that it reminds me of Kingdom Keepers @dznycrzyfmly and wish more interactive elements could be included since it was the VMK in-park quests that really got me into the parks. The best I can hope is that something replaces it through the mobile app but I doubt it will be comparable.

    I would say to voice concern and complaints against Disney but they seem pretty stubborn in cutting corners and saving money and have their mind set on what they want to do (eg. Grand Floridian Society Orchestra at Grand Floridian being gone).
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  13. Pinfun

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    Well having just been there, I can say playing now would not have been enjoyable in the least. There were portals you couldn’t get to because of the socially distanced lines for rides. I’m looking at you Pirates of the Caribbean line that wound through the arches, around the corner past the portal down the alley, back towards Jungle Cruise, double back and down the alley again, again past the portal (if you are keeping count you are best case 12 ft from the portal), back past the ride and looped again on the other side of the gift shop. So I can’t imagine they are getting nearly any interest in it over the past several months.
  14. dancecats

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    This news makes me so unbelievably sad. I loved walking around the Magic Kingdom playing this game and collecting the cards. It gave me something to do, especially when the queues in the park were way too long for standby and I'm either between FastPasses or I just don't have one.
    Yea, I can see how that would be difficult, but if Disney wanted, I think they could work around it. Having played at least a few rounds (if not a few games, circumstances depending) every time I've gone to WDW since the game opened, I remember multiple occasions when at least one of the portals malfunctioned - not to mention all of Fantasyland closing in preparation for fireworks. I remember in the situation of a malfunctioning or inaccessible portal, provided SOTMK 'headquarters' still was open, the cast members could reassign your game to a different, accessible portal or, in the case of Fantasyland, land. They also would send someone to inspect the malfunctioning portal and if it couldn't be sorted, temporarily remove it from the game algorithm so nobody would get sent there until the repairs were made. I don't understand why they don't identify which portals are made inaccessible due to socially distanced queues and remove those from the algorithm and allow the game to proceed as normal? Once park operations return to pre-COVID normal, those portals could be placed back in the game.
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  15. Pinfun

    Pinfun Well-Known Member

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    I don’t disagree - I’m just saying that my casual observation of general park operations while we were there, I suspect there were more inaccessible portals then just that one that we passed in line since there seemed to be lines everywhere for everything. Our worst line was to get into the shops in Galaxy’s Edge and some of the stuff on the datapad required you to wait in the line whether you wanted to shop or not. So it seemed lines were affecting much of the interactive aspects of the parks.
  16. a4matte

    a4matte Poor Unfortunate Soul

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    Maybe a new game or a revamp, but doubtful they'll bring back the old one. It doesn't really make sense from a marketing standpoint with the way Disney merchandises things.

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