Star Wars 2021/2022 Pin Series, Logo Slider Pins?


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Looking for someone who can identify the 7th pin in this 2021/2022 pin series.
Information available on the 2021/2022 Star Wars pin series states we are up to number seven in the series, but I have only been able to identify (and purchase) six pins in this series.
#1: millennium falcon with droid and smuggler
#2: Droid Depot with Droids
#3: Resist with Rey and Chewy
#4: Creatures with Monkey and Cat
#5: First Order with Stormtrooper and Droid
#6: Resist with Poe and fighter

If anyone knows what the 7th pin is in the series (to date) please post what you know. Even better if you have pictures, please post those.


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Another droid depot pin just dropped. First was C-3PO and R3X. New one is R2 and BB-8.

Here’s the pic:



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#12 already came out. This series should be done! Finally got all 12.

#1: Millenium Falcon on sabacc card - R5-P8 and Hondo Ohnaka
#2: First Order banner - Tie Echelon and Kylo Ren
#3: Droid Depot - C-3PO and R-3X
#4: Resist Resistance symbol banner - Rey and Chewbacca
#5: Creatures - monkey lizard and loth cat
#6: First Order banner - stormtrooper and BB-9E
#7: Resist Enlist Today - X-Wing and Poe Dameron
#8: Droid Depot - R2-D2 and BB-8
#9: Bubo Wamba Family Farms (in Aurebesh) - blue milk and green milk
#10: First Order banner Enlist - tie fighter pilot and tie fighter
#11: Droid Depot - GNK and D-O
#12: Resist Resistance symbol orange - Bek and Vi Moradi