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This a story that doesn't necessarily began with Once Upon a Time

It begins with a home that was more than a house, a certain family realized.

Because even without the walls and trinkets and things that made the house so dear

The home was a family that will thrive and survive even when walls disappear.

On their own? Well no. And there are no genies or fairies in this realm, they say

Still the family has help beyond understanding, where simple words make it hard to convey

A hug around the corner, a well meaning word, and kindness that reprieved the sorrow

And lo and behold right beyond yonder... some mail came and made a bright pin tomorrow!

(I hope it didn't come off too corny,
but with a name like Story how could I start a thread like this with anything but one? ;))

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this thread, but truly, truly, you guys could not have picked this to come at a better time for me and my family. The RAK was completely unexpected and so, so met with smiles and even some happy tears =D Without further ado, let's get some pics added! I mean, how can you READ this with no PICTURES?? ;D

How cute is this packaging, right???? SoraPandora's package sure knew how to make an entrance! :D

^ And you know me so well!! I totally added some awesome new books to mine and my sister's bookshelf! And the other little goodies were so thoughtful and helpful! Such a sweet care package <3

CCofRR13, my mom LOVED the Queen of Hearts chess pin!! Like I mentioned with mominator's other dear zaps, these pins are so special to us to be able to get from collectors. Hidden Mickeys went on a sad state of affair with how hard it became to find legit ones, but they are what got us into collecting so they hold so many irreplaceable memories =)

Curiousdinah, we love the pins you included!! My niece is a huge lion king fan =D And your extra items were just what I needed too! =D

And Dawny, you are so sneaky! I had no idea you were planning to zap us! =') My mom was so touched too, and those parade pins are beautiful in person! And I love, love the tinkerbell keychain! <3

It was so sweet to not only replace some pins, but also be able to create new memories as well. From the bottom and top of ... oh from my whole heart, and I must say my family's as well... Thank you guys so much!! This was an act of kindness meant with so much gratitude and truly came at a time we really could use the smiles, especially since we were met with some more devastating news about our dog this past week. But like everything, we will get through this too... and friends like you guys so remind us that we're never alone <3

And they all lived happily ever after, is a great ending, that's true...

But what's even better is knowing we have the strength for a better tomorrow in view