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Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by krand1276, Feb 13, 2020.

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    I am worm. Worthless worm


    I am so super sorry that my thank you has taken this long.

    Lame excuses list:
    1) I've been sick since October. Finally got some meds to kick this cold (yes, a dumb, stubborn cold). I'm about 95% now and I have my energy back.
    2) I opened the mail when my phone was dead, so I wasn't able to take pictures right at the moment.
    3) When people come to the house, we use the box cleaning method. Grab a box, throw all things that shouldn't be there in the box and hide it in a closet or back room. This happened shortly after I opened the mail that included these super sweet offerings and I didn't know where my husband had put the box.
    4) I suck.

    Yes, #4 is probably the biggest factor on my lateness. It will undoubtedly factor into my life again here sometime soon.

    Anyway, onto the thank you!

    So, when we returned home from our trip to WDW in DECEMBER (ahem), there was a huge stack of mail waiting for us. See that wonderful white package on top of the front stack? That was from @slbrabham sweet, sweet woman that she is. We had arrived home from the airport at about 1:30 am. I snapped this shot at 8:30 that same morning as we were heading out the door to go to a friend's wedding. When we got home, my phone was dead (I kind of was too), but I sat down and opened the lovely package.


    It was filled with pages of scrappers for the scrapper trade-in, though Sarah was just donating them. So many fantastic ones to do projects with!


    There were also two boxes and a BH6 postcard. I'm sorry to say at this point, I don't remember what was in the small box. Also, Sarah always sends fun food treats. Those are so long gone.


    In the large box, are some of the pins on my want list. Two pins from the count down series, one of the most misunderstood fairy, and a Christmas one of the Pooh gang. These all put such a huge smile on my face! Thank you so much Sarah!


    I also want to thank @TonkaToy and the twins @stratasfan and @bingandnelsonfan for the lovely Christmas cards, stickers, trading cards and wishes. Those were so sweet. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

    I am truly sorry I didn't do a public thank you sooner. I did wake up the middle of the night a couple of times feeling guilty about not having posted this. But thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness! It is very appreciated!
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    OMG.. you are ridiculously hard on yourself.

    Remember the saying..."better late than never."

    Congratulations on ALL THE AWESOME MAIL.

    SHOUT-OUT to All those you named above.

    WTG DPF'ers

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    Great zap! Congrats!
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    How wonderful ~ Congrats!
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    Congratulations on the amazing zap! I can't wait to see what you do with the latest contribution of scrapper pins!
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    Better late than never! Congrats!
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