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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by punn, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. punn

    punn Member

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    Hey everyone I am kinda bored so I thought why not start a prediction list for todays release.

    I think it will be a NBC BT, what about you?
  2. CheshireCat

    CheshireCat Active Member

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    OMG if there is an NBC BT I will have to try and get it, my sister would love that!!

    What about Jessica dressed as Sally??

  3. punn

    punn Member

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    that would be good :)
  4. nsingleton

    nsingleton Active Member

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    Would have LOVED a Jessica dressed as Sally!!! :drool:
  5. OogieBoogieRay

    OogieBoogieRay Member

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    I wish it had been a NBC BT! That would have been much more awesome!
  6. dancecats

    dancecats Administrator Staff Member DPF Administrator

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    Please ... just don't. There has been enough panic and hysteria surrounding Soda Fountain pin releases (especially when discussing popular series like Beloved Tales) without starting threads predicting surprise releases (if there are any).

    I know you meant this thread in fun, but inevitably someone will mistake these predictions for 'fact,' the Soda Fountain will get inundated with calls, and things will spiral out of control (yes, it HAS happened before) - mass panic ensues and it ends with nobody happy.

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