Zapped! Swedish Surprise


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I got a big surprise today when I got a big box of candy and a darling pin from @Snoffsan. I knew she had planned on sending a small thank you gift but nothing as wonderful as this. I got a beautiful array of candy(that my husband has laid claim to). He says the pieces he has eaten are delicious. He also wanted to share a piece fell out when he was opening the box and made a plop sound and then he looked down and saw the candy was called Plopp. He laughed extremely hard. Thank you so much for such a generous, thoughtful, and yummy zap. I love everything and the pin is beautiful. <3 <3


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YAY! Im so happy it made it safe. First package to arrive. 4 more on their way to other members. :)

Happy you like the candy, or your husband LOL. Plopp is so good!