Zapped! The artist has become the art-ee (?)

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by Purplemandms, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Amongst all the madness of grad school (e.g. taking three classes, teaching three classes, preparing one paper for publication while starting the proposal for another, and volunteering on weekends), I’ve had little time to appreciate art - never mind create it! So a week or so back when @stratasfan mentioned that they had a something to send my way, knowing her artsy skills, I had the suspicion that I was going to be getting a much needed dose of creative energy. But nothing could have prepared me for this little one!


    Look at how fantastic she is! And it’s done in graphite, which in my opinion is a super difficult medium to create full illustrations out of. Piper, from the Pixar short Piper, is my favorite Disney bird (in part due to that I worked as a shorebird wildlife technician this past summer, in part due to how stinkin’ cute she is.) I’m completely flabbergasted and very much in awe at how fantastic she looks, and can’t wait to find time to get a frame for her!
  2. momin.ator

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  3. CCofRR13

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    Wow ~ Love it!
  4. Booger1964

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    Very nice!
  5. watzshakinbacon

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    So good!! Piper is so cute. I’m ded.

    Congrats on the zap!

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  6. Ajk

    Ajk Consider home...

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    That is pretty awesome. Congrats!
  7. mickeymousje

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    Wow! Beautiful and cute! Congrats :D
  8. Story

    Story PinPics : writerkay

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    Wow, that’s so impressive! Congrats on a beautiful piece of art!! :D
  9. stratasfan

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    Just saw this thread! So glad it arrived and you enjoyed it! You and I had been emailing about the DPF badges, and I knew I wanted to do a character for you, and planned on InkTensing one . . . but then you said Piper was your favorite . . . and when I looked up images of Piper - she's all white and grey! So, my favorite drawing medium came out (I almost only do graphite, but typically portraits or plants)! She is a really cute subject!

    So glad that you enjoyed it!
  10. teddy_ruxpin

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    Those look AMAZING!
  11. Connies_Hobby

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    Beautiful, amazing... congratulations!

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  12. dancecats

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    I had no idea @stratasfan is such a talented artist; those are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on such an absolutely beautiful zap!
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  13. stratasfan

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    Thanks so much dancecats! Pencil drawing is probably the hobby that I go back to more than anything else. Took eight weeks of lessons when we were young, and disliked the amount of rules so much I didn't draw for years. Then, I took it back up when I wanted to try drawing a portrait, and it has been a wonderful hobby ever since! I don't think I've ever done a bird before this, though! I like to do swords! Done a few of them, all Hobbit/LOTR swords:

  14. Kerri780

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    All of these are incredible, meaning I have the drawing capabilities of a 5yr old!

    Very much in awe!
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  15. dancecats

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    Absolutely stunning @stratasfan I'm so glad you decided to resume your artwork!

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