The collection I bought (revisited)


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Since the last time I posted here, I have received the pins. The sellers posted that there were around 75 pin backs. Looking at the picture I thought it would be around 190 pins. They only shared pictures of six of 10 pages. Grand total of 307 pins.
It took a weekend, but I was able to enter most of these pins into Pinpics (my id is the same). I had difficulty finding all of the pinsSorapandora was able to find the last 12 Disney pins. Thank you again! (I NEVER would have found Donald and his boat)

Thanks to the dpf chat on discord and group me I have started to trade these new to me pins.

I will post the pictures soon (if Tapatalk let me)


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What # is that pin on PinPics? I have been looking for it for you.
It's this one.

Pin# 14631
Walt with Characters

There's only one person trading it on PinPics and apparently they want WDI grails for it. While I'm working on that impossibility lol... if anyone sees it ANYWHERE ELSE besides the PinPics trader, please let me know!

Thank you!


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So far, I'm not having trouble with that. Are you including the "https://" before the www part? If that is incorrect, it can often result in photos not working on forums using URLs.
I have tried with and without the https:// neither seem to work.
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Here are the photos!












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Which image hosting website do you use?
I see you got pics to work, but just to answer. I was able to successfully upload photos from links on my personal website, Pin Pics and PTDB. I just right-click on the photo, select to open in new tab, and then copy the entire url.

Great collection, by the way! What fun. There are some cool pins in there.


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Super cute pins! I really like the three ducks as the three wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). So cute!


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Wow! What a great collection! If you end up deciding to trade some of them, I would be interested in the Scrooge and nephew pins.