Think about this before you write a rant... Internet Etiquette

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by RiftRaftStreetRat, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. zoelovespins

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    You're pretty awesome for posting this!<3
  2. Mischiefmanaged

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    +1 for a sticky!

    Better then a sticky, make it an announcement that shows up on every single thread topic!
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  3. MMiano

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    Thank you!
  4. Alexa

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    I just need someone to sign my paycheck! *rantrantrant*

    On the other hand, I feel like this is being pointed at me. Oh well.
    Although I do agree with the thread. I wanted to let off some steam, I can't help it.
    Why would I post it on Facebook when it's about this site and the members here?
  5. Lamorak

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    There's actually several people, besides yourself, that have gone to the rant well in recent weeks. You are not alone or being singled out in this thread.
  6. ihafft

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    A-freaken-men!!! And hallelujah!

    Waiting for a rant in response to this anti-rant......

    Pin trading is supposed to be fun!!! If you are ranting about it... Not much fun... Just saying.
  7. Romancing_Train

    Romancing_Train EVERYPONY calm the buck down!

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    dis. There's been so many, and so many rant posts on rant posts and counter rants on ranting rant posts it's like they think we like rant posts os they put rant posts in our rant posts! D:!
  8. locostitch

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    One word: Amaizing!!! :rock:
  9. Vixy

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    Awesome video, I'd never seen this before. Derek Sivers started CD Baby, so he knows from living life on the internet! :)
  10. disneycrazee

    disneycrazee I just got pixelexia, ok?

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    This was great! Thanks for posting it. And I do have to say...I LOVE that the Quiet Place uses Michael Giacchino. That's the perfect quiet place to me. :)
  11. tinkerbelle1956

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    +1 I've done a complete 360, and have already been doing better as the adult I portray to be .
    This is an Awesome Post ! And I will remember to stay on course . If I find myself offended, I will ignore .
  12. disneypinqueen

    disneypinqueen ~Villainous Diva~

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    .·:*¨¨*:·.ºoº*The more you know* ºoº .·:*¨¨*:·.

  13. Psycho Pixie

    Psycho Pixie Vacations are a grand thing

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    +! and a vote for 5 stars. sticky this thread to the top of the forums so people understand forum ettiquette!
  14. kittycabot23

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    Captain America <3333 Oh ya Awesome Thread!
    LOL +1 To end the reign of Drama Pin Forum!
  15. Nathan95

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    If I was old enough to buy you a drink I would
  16. huertajv

    huertajv It's all about the Mouse! DPF Charter Member

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    Hear ya, applying it!!!!

    Thanks for the great thread!

  17. RiftRaftStreetRat

    RiftRaftStreetRat I don't buy that

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    Nathan, I like Long Islands. Remember that when you're 21 :'D

    Also if anybody feels like they were singled out, please don't feel that way! Most examples I pulled are actually common examples/complaints/drama that I pulled from various fandoms/hobbies (pokemon, furry, da, rp, cosplay, etc). A lot of this is common stuff lol.

    There's been LOTS AND LOTS of drama lately, and like Romancing_Trains said, There's just been rant posts within the rant posts and counter rants to the rant posts within those rant posts...


  18. Vorpal_Snicker_Snack

    Vorpal_Snicker_Snack And through and through

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    Or call your biffle and ask "Hey is this passive aggressive?" The answer is usually yes XD.

    Also I saved your Alice gif :D
  19. diebob21

    diebob21 HOW YOU DOIN? COMO ESTA?

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    Great post.
  20. Abyssinian28

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    A++++ post (although it was very weird seeing .gifs I'm used to seeing on Tumblr here). I would reply with one of my own, but I'm currently between photo hosting sites, and being lazy about it. :rofl:

    ANYWAY- nicely said, and the video was excellent, too. I've often felt the same way- that some of the folks on here don't really have online existences outside of this forum, and perhaps Facebook (which is NOT a great place for avoiding drama). So they don't really seem to know how to react to things. I think we're all guilty of occasionally getting caught up in stuff, but as long as we just try and let it roll off our backs, we'll be fine. There's no need to roll around in it constantly.
  21. talesoftobv

    talesoftobv Instigator of Mass Hysteria

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    I couldn't even get through your post because you had my two favorite boy toys ever in moving gifs..... Tom and Jensen. nomnomnomnomnom

    Seriously good post though.

    Thank you, but mainly it's for the eye candy.
  22. RiftRaftStreetRat

    RiftRaftStreetRat I don't buy that

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    We can both love Jensen's body forever okay.
  23. Cicada

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  24. Cicada

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  25. Romancing_Train

    Romancing_Train EVERYPONY calm the buck down!

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    It seems we both slum in the same part of the internet.


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