Trade McDonald’s 50th toys


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Mine let me buy just the toys. But tip, at least at my restaurant, the toys were discounted down to 90 cents each with ANY food purchase. So you could basically get 5 bucks worth of food (or even just like a one dollar drink to get the discount) for the same as just the toys with no food. Worth a shot.


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The toddler finally revealed why she has been hoarding Silly Chickens. She took them to daycare for all her friends today because clearly her favorite one must be everybody's. She wanted to play Moana at daycare and they didn't have the toys for it. We still have two(one for her and one for the baby plus a sealed one in a bag...if anyone wants it I can try to sneak it out).

We are up to nine characters now the additions of Bambi, R2D2, and Genie. Goofy is currently missing in the play room but he will most likely surface in the next few days.

Seriously, if anyone wants a Hei Hei I will trade it as I am paranoid she is going to start hoarding again if she finds it.