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Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by DarkNinjaZelda, May 28, 2018.

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  1. DarkNinjaZelda

    DarkNinjaZelda New Member

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    Does anyone go to any UK based pin trading meetups or know of any? Or maybe interested in creating one? I'm near Paisley and Glasgow.
  2. Loomi

    Loomi Active Member

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    I have been to ONE meetup, it was a total one-off and the stars aligned to have it in Blackpool, which is my home town! xD I've tried since to find interest for another, but... no such luck. There are not a great many of us UK traders and we seem to be very widely spread across the country.
  3. arielsdinglehopper

    arielsdinglehopper Well-Known Member

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    I would totally be up for this! I agree with Loomi though, everyone seems so spread out.
  4. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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  5. Disneyqueenuk

    Disneyqueenuk DPF Moderator Staff Member DPF Moderator

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    Thanks Li for tagging me.

    There is a pin meet arranged nearGatwick airport in October time. I will get some details from the organiser and post.

    I used to organise pin meets in Edinburgh but stopped due to a lack of interest, they were the only ones in Scotland.

    Maybe it's something that needs to be looked at again, unfortunately a lot of the regularly hosted events stopped due to lack of interest or people giving up on the hobby
  6. Briscoefilms

    Briscoefilms Member

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    Wish there was some closer to London/Essex. I’d be all over that like a rash. Sadly the Gatwick one is just too far, not being a driver. Was already invited and had to to click the sickening “not attending” button on Facebook.

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  7. Loomi

    Loomi Active Member

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    I think the wide spreading of us is really the crux of it, when there are already so few UK traders and so many are not able to travel far and wide to get to one.. If you don't want to use public transport to go from London to Gatwick, imagine coming from the North West or Scotland! :p We could host one up North and one down South but they'd probably not be very well attended and not be viable as a regular thing. I desperately wish it would work, though... is there a secret hive of UK traders we're missing?! Haha.
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  8. krand1276

    krand1276 Well-Known Member

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    Is Gatwick difficult to get to by rail? My husband and I will be in London in early to mid October. If it’s not too difficult, it sounds like it would be fun!
  9. Damiens pins

    Damiens pins Well-Known Member

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    I'm from the Isle of Wight and I have been to the fareham pin meet that is organised by Stuart there is a Facebook group but can't remember what the name of it hope this helps
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