Update Real Vs Fakes Dark Tales and Nurse Pin


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Hi, everyone! I had posted previously for assistance in determining whether some pins I bought from etserry were fake. The conclusion was that they were. Fortunately, although the seller was adamant that they were real, Etserry resolved the dispute by refunding my money themselves and did not require the seller to refund me.

Fast forward to today. I went ahead and paid quite a bit more for a real Dark Tales pin that someone down in SoCal purchased from DSSH themself. I also purchased the real version of the central Florida blood bank nurse pin from a long time reputable seller who had one that was not in great shape (there are noticeable wear and marks on it) but it’s real. She sold it for a great price.

I’ve taken comparison pictures below to share.
First the Edgar Balthazar Dark Tales pin. The pin on the left is the real one:




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If you didn’t put the side by side, I wouldn’t be able to tell the fake dark tales. It looks pretty close except that the studio store Hollywood part of the back stamp is a little sloppy

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