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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by broncobilly83, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Please refrain from posting screenshots of internal WDI and other assorted Disney images that are only accessible by employees

    Disney employees can and will get FIRED for posting (or re-posting) internal company intellectual property on a public website and it isn't allowed to be posted on DPF or anywhere else

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    Bumping up as a reminder. Infractions will start to be issued for those who continue to post proprietary images, regardless of where they might have gotten the image from. This applies to all forums, discussion, sales, etc.
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    What the hell?? Maybe not the right spot but I have a WDI question?..

    so do to day I see a new le 250 jazz and Aladdin pin on evil bay. It's $99 with 150 people watching it.

    how much is the pins real price? Is Disney really making these for friends and family? Seems real easy to track who is the shark in the waters when it comes from within.

    big talk on tv about show tickets being resold. This is just as bad if not worse in my eyes. Both have a easy fix. New said they are not sure how to stop multiple sells for multiple things. Sounds like bs to me.

    sorry rant over. Lol

    ps. I super feel bad and egg on my face if this pin is being sold at regular price and just out of the goodness of the CMs heart.

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  4. katelouise

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    Is it the dancing pin from the D23 shopping day at WDW? If so then those pins were available to D23 members - not cast members. Pin prices are supply and demand - the buyer sets the price. If someone is willing to pay that much then that is what it is worth. It is the sad truth about these pins but no one is going to sell it at cost if someone else is selling it for a high price.

    WDI pins are always sought after, they are sold in a store that is only accessible by cast members or on a website that is only accessible by cast members. CM's can also be fired for selling WDI pins (I've seen it happen). Most of the time CMs will buy for their trader friends who are then free to sell for a high price.
  5. timeerkat

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    I looked up that one and yes, it was from the WDW dancing prince/princess series. The listing title is misleading.

    For the WDI pins that are released in Glendale, here is how it currently works: the pins get put up on a Monday for sale in store only, and to cast members only. On that Wednesday, the remainder are put onto the online cast member hub for non-Glendale cast members to buy. Whatever is left the following week is available to purchase by cast members and their guests. So it is possible for non-cast members to personally buy them, if they pins have been out for more than a week and the person has a WDI connection.

    Cast members can and do get fired for reselling. I've also heard that they can get in trouble if their guest sells the pins and it can be traced back to the cast member they got them through, though I'm not sure if that's actually the case.
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    Just bumping this up to remind people that a CM can get in trouble for selling ANYTHING Disney, even if Disney doesn't make it. It's because it's considered in competition with Disney and violates the Standards of Business Conduct that all CMs are subject to.

    As far as WDI pins go, the cast member discount is assumed in the price (jumbos are $2-5 less than a pin at DSF or the parks), so you'd be technically selling something with your cast discount. This is an immediate dismissal offense. If you see people selling WDI exclusive (not including D23 events) pins right after release, it's because someone along the line either violated policy, or the CM traded them to someone who sold them.

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