WDW MOG store experience 6/9/18

Discussion in 'Event Coverage' started by figment919, Jun 8, 2018.

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    I totally agree. I'm usually so busy doing pickups that I don't stop to look at the OE's. But when I did recently, I thought WOW, there are some really great, overlooked OE pins!!
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    As someone with many more years of SDCC experience than Disney pins, this was a really helpful analogy. It's exactly why I shrug off getting the high-demand LEs. (Nowhere near California or Florida.) But if the community puts so much more pressure on having those pins than there is with con exclusives, I can also see where it becomes more stressful.
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    Is it also the completist mentality? Chasing every pin which will fit your collection? I like to do the completist thing with current series/sets... and this is fun. For example, I am greatly looking forward to doing this with the map mystery pins that just came out.
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    We get caught up in the completist mentality. But somewhere around $50 I start to lose interest, Ill trade a pin for another pin but to buy makes me nervous.
    Too many WDI and SODA FOUNTAIN pins have been scraped. Someone was already showing a cluster of Emperor's new groove being sold from china. We are lucky to still have a lot of older low edition traders, but getting new traders is almost impossible. Wish the WDW parks would start releasing more Le 500 or less again.
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    That's a good question. The people who complain the loudest and most bitterly on FB are the ones trying to collect a specific character at a low price rather than a whole set. Although that's its own kind of completion.
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    We have speculations that your point B may be at play here...
    Our method has proof, but I don't want to give it away, lest the resellers catch on
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    There are some OE pins that are super hard to get! ( If anyone has Crickee in a cup let me know!) I pretty much live by the "if I like it I want it" mentality, don't care about editions, but it is nice when I don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get it.
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    A belated thank you for the compliment.

    However, I am enjoying my retirement way too much to ever even consider ever returning to work for someone else.

    I think that MoG management was getting a lot of flack about the consistent favoritism they were blatantly showing to SoCAL CMs.

    I also think that the MoG management resented the fact that D23 management could compel them to bring their wares to Florida, particularly for non-Disney folks.

    The decisions made by the MoG management in FL accomplished two things:
    a) finally give WDW CMs 1st access to some new releases, even though that access was shared with CA CMs
    b) showed D23 management what they (MoG management) thought about their latest directive

    I think that the arrogance shown by MoG management in Florida has created a huge public relations problem for D23.

    And I hope that many of the D23 members who attended the event who were impacted by the bad decisions made by MoG management at the event will bring this matter up with D23 management - politely and respectfully, but firmly.

    Excellent point and questions. I agree with you completely.

    Many, but probably not all, CMs actively doing such Trades at 'hot' DSSH releases are clearly laundering their WDI purchases to acquire pins they can then sell on the secondary market without fear of breaking any rules.

    And they are smart to do this.

    For I believe then eventually Disney is going to lower the boom on those employees who are blatantly, in clear and deliberate violation of company policy, reselling pins on the secondary market they purchased directly from the WDI.

    In addition, this is actually good for non-Disney employees when they do do this.

    For when the latter is lucky enough to get a good Voucher number, they can then immediately use their new traders to help themselves get reasonable Trades for recently released WDI pins they need for their collection.
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    I really think that we need to separate what CM get/should get and what D23 presented this Event to be. I am a paying D23 Gold Family member and it was advertised as a D23 event - nothing about what Cm's would or could have gotten. What goes on between DLR/WDW CM's s is not my concern and frankly it should be an internal Disney thing.

    I think that the MOG team really needs to address this issue and make the process much more transparent. As mentioned earlier what is strictly a D23 thing verses a CM thing needs to be separated out and handled much better,
  10. pretty Omi

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    You know I’m gonna chime in this again...
    You’re a paying D23 Member, yes, but this event was free? You did not pay an extra admission to attend this event, correct?
    This is what was advertised at this event:
    There is nothing about pins. You were promised exclusive merchandise limited to the store, and I’m sure that’s what was available. Maybe it wasn’t what you wanted, but you got what was advertised.
    I’m really a little bothered that you’re so upset that actual CMs were allowed to get their own exclusive merchandise before you.

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  11. Abyssinian28

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    Except that you're forgetting that we had previous events just like this where that wasn't the case, and that several of us purchased D23 memberships JUST for these pop-up shops. There was no indication or reason to believe that this one would be any different from the previous ones.

    Here's the thing- if they wanted to do a MOG cast exclusive release for FL, they could have easily done it without calling it a D23 event. The problem is they're trying to give access to both groups without pissing off the other. I don't think anyone thinks that FL cast members don't deserve nice things. They just pulled the rug out from underneath us with the way they did this.

    I, personally, agree with the others that it would have been just as easy for them to whip up two batches of releases, and had a MOG cast event on one day, and the D23 event on the next day. In fact, releasing two different sets of pins would have actually encouraged trading between the two groups.

    As to the "there were no pins promised" thing...I mean, I guess? But there have been pins at all of them, so that seems a rather random point to bring up. If there comes a time that they stop releasing pins at these, then I'll no longer buy a D23 membership. They're too expensive, and I'm not someone who gets enough from it otherwise. There's not much more in the pop-up shops but T-shirts. Maybe if they had cool statues or a better variety of merchandise, I would reconsider.

    In the end, like the others have pointed out, MOG/D23 could have done any of number of things to prevent this clusterf**k (HA! get it?), including everything from just making it cast only and not bothering with D23, to warning D23 members what was up ahead of time, to creating different pins for each day, and on and on.
  12. pretty Omi

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    If you purchase a D23 membership just for the pop up shops, then that’s on you. I buy my membership to go to the events like movie screenings, get insider info and the magazine (basically what it’s meant for?).
    I think saying that you buy a membership just to buy WDI pins sounds pretty silly and screams of entitlement. They’re cast member pins, not D23 pins.

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    Wow. Woowwwwwwwwwwwww.

    ...is it possible to have a conversation about WDI pins that doesn't scream of entitlement? They're not exactly easy to obtain pins in any scenario.

    I didn't say I *deserve* WDI pins- I said that I buy at D23 membership to get them, because that's been a precedent that they've set over here in Orlando that you need one. Up until this last event, they've been D23 member pins *first*, and cast pins second (unlike the west coast). So no, they're not "cast member" pins here on the east coast- not unless this is the new normal. If they choose to change that, than that's fine. But there's no longer a reason for me to buy a D23 membership, because they don't cater to my movies and interests like they apparently do to you.

    And, btw, the "I'm a better fan than you" gatekeeping thing is as old and annoying in Disney fans as it is with gamers and anime fans. Just because you like the things that they offer under the membership doesn't mean every Disney fan has to. If I want to buy it for one reason, and one reason only, that's my business. I was a charter member, and I got nothing for it. They ran most of the events out of California, and almost everything comes with extra costs, and a huge amount of it is Mickey/Walt/Old Disney driven, which is great, but not my personal interest.

    If you think I'm the only pin collector that's purchased a D23 membership just to go to these pop-up stores, than think again.

    I can't believe I sat here and read a fellow member of this forum call me "silly and entitled" for wanting to go to a pin event with high demand pins....you know, like most of us do. And BTW, I was in the second group, so I got all the pins I wanted. Wanting a better system is not just for people who got left out. There are plenty of people in this thread saying cast members should get pins, but that they should fix how they do things.
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    I read this thread and:
    1) Feel bad for those who made the effort to participate under the rules imposed (ie, if this was someone's impetuous to pay the D23 membership, there is nothing wrong with that.)
    2) Realize the whole thing could have been set up differently.
    3) Am not offended if D23/public had expectations about what their access would be. We all have expectations and it sucks to be disappointed.

    Don't make this a cast members versus the public issue.

    This is about Disney publicizing something and not planning well for whatever the expectations were based on the information they shared.
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    There's no gate keeping here, I never think I'm a better fan than anything else for anything. I was simply suggesting that maybe people need to take a big step back and consider some things? And I do think it's silly to pay for a $100 a year membership to MAYBE get to buy some pins? What if you hadn't even gotten the slot at all, they'd all filled before you could sign up? That's a big gamble. Not as big as the people who paid to fly out from California to also MAYBE get some pins. But that's everyone's free choice, just as it's mine to think it's a bit silly.

    The way that people have worded their complaints on here about expecting to get pins, and not getting them, and how "unfair" it is that CMs got to buy them first, just really upset me! I'm not even a CM, but it really comes across like well yeah, that the D23 members deserve to get the pins first, and the CMs should just get the leftovers (which in this case would have been none at all). Another CM on the forum even commented on the post that's how it sounded??
    It reminds me a lot of the opinions of some AP holders, it's a real problem here in Disneyland. AP holders feel they're more entitled to things simply because they pay for an AP each year. That AP gets you entry into the park, and whatever perks are listed on the fine print. That's it.

    I think people as a whole need to stop focusing so much on what's -expected- to be at an event. I do think it does sound completely entitled to say that there had better be high demand pins here, when it wasn't even advertised on the official event listing. I am focusing on what Disney publicized. They publicized a pop-up shop with the opportunity to buy exclusive "items, products, and merchandise". Any expectation for what that merch is? That's on whomever is expecting it.

    Sorry to ruffle some feathers, I just think it needed to be said. They're just pins.

    As an aside, I do think the bigger issue is the reseller market. If people weren't assigning such arbitrary values to DSSH and WDI pins, and making them INSTANTLY $100+ pins, and if people as a whole would stop supporting those resellers, then there wouldn't be people flying from CA to buy all the pins, there wouldn't be so much devastating disappointment over missing out and in-fighting. This hobby is supposed to be pin TRADING, I won't even go on FB or IG when these new pins come out because everyone just wants their top dollar for these pins, and it's like no one trades anymore. That's why I typically only frequent this forum. And I guess that's why this whole thing just bothered me so much.

    I apologize to @Abyssinian28, for my initial post. I wrote it in a hurry, and it came off more insulting than I had intended. I hope this more in depth explanation of my thoughts makes my intention more clear.
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    Wow... I'm glad I haven't been around lately. Forum is starting to look a lot like FB. >.> pretty disappointed in some of these replies. Lots of SoCal hate going around, makes one rethink pickups for the future.

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    I would just like to say that, at least in my opinion, this hobby is about pin COLLECTING, and not necessarily pin TRADING. Pin trading isn't my major goal (it could be for others, just not me); pin collecting is. I will say that pin trading is a major way to add to your collection and (for me) the yearly Orlando events are a major way of expanding my collection through trading, but I'm not trading just for the sake of trading. If I can buy any good tradable pin at a good price, then I do so that I can use them to further my collection. But that's really hard to do if you don't live in Southern CA (or Orlando)...
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    This thread guys...

    Anywho, this entire D23 thing was a bit foolish on WDI's part. I mean what made them say, "You know, we've had a pin release for our D23 members for the past 5+ years. Let's just let CMs randomly buy the pins first this year for no specific reason."

    Sure, I get that maybe they wanted to release some exclusive pins for Florida CMs to get a hold of. However, what exactly was stopping them from releasing a different set either on the hub, or a set of pins only for D23 members.

    Absolutely nothing, and if you're paying for a D23 membership just to get these pins then you have every right to be upset. Granted Disney never explicitly said that you would be able to buy pins in their fine print, but when they've been doing something every year for people they KNOW are definitely buying a membership just to get WDI pins, that's a company mistreating a trusting customer base. Happens in gaming all the time, and if it's an indie Dev they will usually go down for it. I doubt much will happen to Disney though.

    If you really wanted to do something though, I'd recommend calling a D23 representative a voice your opinions. Unsubscribing from D23 may also be a good way to send a message, but be sure to contact a rep before you do.

    That's probably the biggest post I've written on the forum in a while, I don't have the time to spell check that either... XD

    Also, we should maybe try to be a little nicer to each other. We are a DPF family, so let's act like it people! ;P

    Ang out

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