WDW Where have the traders gone?

Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by Heather Morningstar, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Heather Morningstar

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    Hey guys I am new to this forum so I apologize if this is the wrong area to post.

    I am from Arizona and go to WDW every year looking forward to trading with the local traders and visitors. However, I went to Epcot by the trading station where everyone used to trade, but the tables were gone!

    Is there a new location that everyone is trading at?
  2. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Hmmm... I think I heard something about traders moving in Epcot... but I don't trade in WDW. I am sure someone here would know... perhaps @MerlinEmrys or @Haunted575 ??

    There also may be another thread that covered this... but finding it is the question.
  3. hopemax

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    I don't know if anything has changed recently. But last I saw, traders had moved closer to the Innoventions building. They'd lay their books out on the planter edges, and I thought they had moved a couple of tables over there.

    However, during the Festivals, and now is Food & Wine, they do tend to discourage trading by removing the tables. I assume the people who are supposed to have "eyes" over there (managers / security) are focused on Festival behavior.
  4. Haunted575

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    It’s very hit or miss as to whether there will be anyone trading. Like @hopemax said, sometimes the tables aren’t even out and when they are, there is no longer an umbrella on them so the pins get very hot after sitting in the sun a few minutes. People will set up on the concrete plant ledges. Good luck trading there!

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  5. Heather Morningstar

    Heather Morningstar New Member

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    Thank you everyone for you help. Now here's hoping I find some nice pin traders!
  6. kajtdd

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    typically you find traders by Innovations West (near Baymax) on weekends. There are also local groups who meet off site on Saturdays (one group usually meets on second Saturday at the Retro Station on Iro Bronson Rd; another group meets on third Saturday at the Holiday Inn near Disney Springs and third group hosted by Booster Pack and Beyond at flea market on Iro Bronson during fourth weekend)

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