What type of pin bag do you like best?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Gelatoni, Nov 25, 2018.

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    I've been using the "Disney parks" one that is currently sold in the parks but found it has a couple issues:

    1. You need to put one piece of cardboard/plastic/etc on each side of a page to stick pins in without the backs but that makes the bag extremely fat.
    2. It's a bit difficult to punch pins into the fabric and once removed, the holes remain extremely obvious.

    There's a few types of bags in the video above and I was wondering if people had experience using these types of bags:

    The 1st bag at about 5 min looks awesome but I can't seem to find that type of bag for sale anywhere.
    The 2nd bag at about 8:45 looks second best but I'm concerned the mesh and zippers on dividers will scratch the pins.
    The 3rd bag at about 11 min seems less sturdy than the other pin bags but is easy to find on the internet given that it's not official Disney.
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    I have tried a couple different options and pretty much hate them all. I now have a Zuca bag and have the small bags that fit inside so I cut cork board to fit, wrapped it in duct tape, and that’s what I use as “pin bags”. Still not my favorite thing but it works.
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    I know that this is a very belated response, so I have no clue if anyone will read it, but here goes. I buy zip binders like five star and case it, and use the refill pages Disney sells. It’s plastic page dividers with I believe velvet like covered plastic pages. You can also use plastic covers that you can pick up at any office store between those if you so desire. 3 inch binders can hold a lot of pages of pins.
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