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    I know this post was done a while ago, but it is time to start it all over again!!!

    First off let me thank. Sir David, Grailslayer Knight of DPF, aka docfish2u. Who began this thread so long ago. However I know that he had to step away from spear heading this thread so I am taking over., but I am still stealing most of his words, because they are still so relevant now.

    Most know who I am here on the forum as the keeper of addresses and the one that runs the RAK and the Secret Santa/Christmas in July exchanges... so why not add one more thing to my growing to do list. I was lucky enough to be a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) victim and I was amazed that people I had not traded with took the time out of their lives to send me things that they made, bought or traded for. It was a very humbling feeling!!! Seriously... I happy cried.

    So why am I telling you all this? I want to spread the love and kindness I have felt here from so many of my extended family and what better way then to zap people. For those who do not know yet, a zap is a gift from somebody here just to be nice and let somebody here know they are valued as a member here. It can be anything from a drawing somebody makes, snacks, stickers, day planners and of course pins. It is a gift that is meant to brighten up somebody's day. It can be sent with a trade as an extra thank you or the best ones are sent for no reason at all. Just an unexpected surprise.

    I have always been amazed at how often zaps come at a time when for whatever reason somebody is feeling down. It is an amazing pick me up to know somebody out there is thinking about you!!!

    So now that my long winded opening is over let's get to the point of this post. I want to know who here has not been zapped. It could be because you are new here, not very active here or just plain bad luck.

    Here is what you need to do to participate. Leave a post here stating your name and your favorite character(s). So that if somebody feels the need to send a zap to another member here we have a clue on what to send. Also if you have a pinpics account please give us your id so we can see what you already have and what you are looking for!!! Now the important part. You need to then send me (Ksnuggles) your name and address so if I am contacted by a member here looking to zap somebody we know where to send it!!! If after you post here and then get zapped please edit your post stating who zapped you and with what. If you need directions on how to do that then please pm me and I am happy to help. Also it never hurts to give credit to the person who zapped you by posting a new thread here in the zap forum!!!

    Remember zapping is a very selfish thing to do. The feeling you get when somebody receives your gift is amazing, but you only get that feeling when the person being zapped tells you (and everybody else) about it. Now you see why I say it is selfish. :naughty:

    Please also remember just because you post here it is no guarantee that you will get zapped, but it does increase your odds a lot!!!

    To my wonderful DPF family, thank you very much for allowing me to be part of your lives. It is an honor to be friends with so many of you kind and wonderful people!!!

    Last thing, remember it is not what you zap, just that you zap!!!

    I guess I should have also mentioned, if you want to zap somebody from this list please pm me. This is all about making others feel appreciated and getting some of the positive pin karma in your corner as well!!!

    Here is the list of people who have not been zapped:

    HightopNinja - zapped by Tbird
    Pengy - zapped by docfish2u
    Icarusinflames zapped by firebaby22
    Goren1818 zapped by Rocke01
    theDisneyCollectors zapped by TiggerMickey and Zagales14
    speedwaystar1 zapped by Rocke01
    halloweenfiend zapped by sorapandora
    calie zapped a spot in Darlene's game by ksnuggles (wow you were not even on the list before I had to move you):lol:
    a4matte zapped by ninpin
    Speezard zapped by speedwaystar1 and lynn99
    bookhugger zapped by Merryweather and wintersorecerer
    KTM zapped by halloweenfiend
    Loomi zapped by pincrazy & docfish2u
    Ninpin zapped by TiggerMickey
    Room41more zapped by mystery zapper
    Ftskim zapped by mystery zapper
    CCofRR13 zapped by Timeerkat
    Beccalionsmom zapped by mystery zapper
    LadyBarclay zapped by Romancing_train
    mmmoni411 zapped by minpintrader
    IronChef zapped by SoraPandora
    Scottyboo zapped by mystery zapper
    ildar717 zapped by the grailslayer
    Kritter zapped by one of the mystery zappers
    BATB_Abbi zapped by Endor_Express1
    Manta zapped by docfish2u
    Statasfan zapped by CCofRR13
    DiamondDollJeannette zapped by Slbraham

    bscips removed from consideration due to some shady trading practices.

    Active members who have not been zapped:

    Remember, I will remove members from the list that become inactive for a long time, or do something shady to other forum members.

    Still room for those who have not been zapped yet. I know some of these people won't be able to say they haven't been zapped much longer!!!
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    So a few people on this list have not sent me an address yet, so I will try and get all of them. The old thread took a long time to get through and I may have made a few mistakes.

    If you have never been zapped and posted on the old thread... please post here and I will update the list.

    If you are on the list as never zapped, but you have been... please let me know so I can update that as well.

    Thank you all..
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    Great idea to start a new thread I know I’ve not been around much lately as dealing with my mother’s death and not long later my boyfriend friend lost his mother so I’ve been pre occupied

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    May I add my name?

    My Sister and I share a PinPics ID: stratasfan

    I like Beast/Prince Adam and the Enchanted objects and Belle in any dress other than the gold ball gown. Working really hard on 25 Enchanted Years pins and Be Our Guest Restaurant/New Fantasyland pins. Any Footstool/Sultan pins! Also collect anything Hawaii/Hula Girl themed and some Aulani pins (just no Stitch). Elizabeth and I also share Anna and Elsa pins . . . I get Anna and she gets Elsa! Really hoping for them to release some Frozen II pins and some with A&E's father on them!
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    Can I add my name? I collect Ariel DA pins only, Disney Cars, Lion King, and Lady only. PP ID: R-Pins

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