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A Very Merry Unbirthday!
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I can't post in the zap section but I wanted to thank Katherine for these two AWESOME zaps! We met up at the Oogie Boogie Bash and she even gave me a great candy bag which I definately used for the 4 pounds of candy!

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I can't post from Tapatalk either. So, I'm piggy-backing on Dawn's post.

I too, was Zapped by our Pin Sorceress.

This wonderful bag to collect my candy last night (fav color too..Purple) .

Plus, I had asked her to keep an eye open for the Zero plush shoulder pal for me. They had sold out last week.

Yours truly went back on Monday (side note: Mondays are once again... Crowded) to purchase one.

"...Gone, all Gone" - and get this (I digress again) one cm told me (and this is a First) they're sold out "Worldwide" haha. Still in SD though.

Anyway, Katherine said she had planned on purchasing one and "Zapping" me with it. Omg...the thought, in and if itself, deeply touched my Heart.

Thank you Katherine. I have a new bag for my future Adult Trick or Treating...or in this Case..."I" Choose Treats.

Gosh, Adult Trick or Treating is FUN!


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