Zapped! Zapped in a Beauty-ful way!


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Sis and I were so surprised and touched to receive an amazing package in the mail. It was a ZAP from @krand1276 -- who is just such a sweet person and a lovely DPF member! There was a lovely Beauty and the Beast theme here with that amazing blank journal (had I mentioned that I have this "thing" about journals and notebooks??), cool stickers and a mystery Animators Littles pack that turned out to be the Enchanted Rose! (Be on the lookout in our next Disney-themed doll set-up for this one.) There were even some pins in there -- one of which was the "I'm Really a Mermaid" pin, which has been on my wish list for years. Will be adding to the board and posting updated pics soon!
A huge "thank you" and hug to @krand1276 for surprising us like this!