Feedback Profile of AgentOfAnarchy

  1. Great communication and fast postage, thank you!

  2. great bid! great comms and packaging, thank you so much for the zap

  3. fast payment wonderful to work with

  4. AWESOME. thank you!

  5. Super duper amazing DPF'er!

  6. Thankyou! Great comms, great trader.

  7. Amazing trader, second time trading, would so again!

  8. amazing trader! +++++++++++++

  9. fantastic trader! great comms and fast postage.

  10. A pleasure as allways to trade with :)

  11. Very fast postage and wonderful prices Thankyou ^^

  12. Great comms, great price and uber fast postage!

  13. Traded 1 pin for 2. Only 1 pin showed up over a month later, has not responded.

  14. pins where lost in the post, kindly resent and refunded the pins they couldnt

  15. How on earth did my pin get here so fast?! amazing seller, pin, post and comms

  16. Beautiful pin, great price. Great to buy from, lovely comms and fast postage. :)

  17. Amazing trader! Great comms, beautiful pins and crazy fast postage. Thank you!

  18. Very, very fast! Great pins and comms thank you!

  19. great PIF thankyou!

  20. Great bid on auction, fast and safely packaged and a zap! *hug*

  21. Great pin, well packed and fast! Thanks :D

  22. Great pin, communication and postage :) Thankyou!

  23. Great pin, communication and postage :) Thankyou!

  24. Great pin, great price and crazy fast postage.

  25. Very fast, well packaged, great pins :)