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  1. wonderful pins from a wonderful friendly person,thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for the fabulous trade!

  3. Thanks for a great PIF! I love it!

  4. Thank you for a wonderful trade! [=

  5. Recieved pins as described,wonderful trader!!

  6. great trader awesome to work with!!

  7. zapped me good made my son super happy thanks again.

  8. thanks for the multi-trade deal

  9. Like always, great trader.

  10. great trader - looking forward to next trade

  11. Great trade

  12. Wonderful, friendly trader!!! Thank you so much!! [=

  13. Always brilliant to trade with and great communication :)

  14. WHEEEE! FanTAStic multi-trade!! Thanks Marilyn!! Hope we can trade again soon!

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    • lwrn2 (204)
    • May 2, 2011
  15. wonderful pin it forward and a great friend.thank you.

  16. thank you so much for zapping me such a beautiful pin

  17. Fantastic trade. Very friendly trader. Great communication. Highly recommended:)

  18. beautiful disney pins from a great friend,thank you so much.

  19. Thanks for the PIF! Love it! :D

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    • wmcdow (20)
    • Apr 20, 2011
  20. Awesome trade!!! Love it!

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    • wmcdow (20)
    • Apr 20, 2011
  21. brilliant pirate pin ,thank you so much,really kind.

  22. fantastic pin it forward,thank you .

  23. Awesome trade as per usual! Thanks!

  24. Great trader sweet pin thanks

  25. fabulous trader love trading

  1. such a great trader and friend! !! thanks sabrina!

  2. Awesome trader as always!! So friendly:) Love the pins!!

  3. Thanks for the trade!

  4. LOVE THE PIN!!! Awesome trader as always!!! THanks so much:)

  5. WHat Awesome ZAPPERS!! Thank you so much!! I love the pins:)

  6. Awesome PIF sender:) Thanks for both tthe pins!!!

  7. Wonderul trader as always! Pin just as described:) Thanks!!!

  8. Always a pleasure...Pins just as described!! Friendly trader:)

  9. Wonderful trader!! Awesome Multi-trade! And a Beautiful ZAP!!! THanks:)

  10. Awesome Pin! Just as described....friendly trader! Thanks:)

  11. Love the pin!!! and the card it came on...WOnderful trade as always!

  12. Always a pleasure to trade with:)!! Thank you for the great pins!!

  13. Friendly Trader!!! Thanks for the great pin!

  14. So worth the wait!!!! Great Pins, but and even greater Friend!!

  15. Beautiful Pin!! And Adorable Zizzlingers!!!! Friendly Trader:)!!

  16. Awesome ZAP! Thank you! SO sweet:)

  17. Pin just as described!! So cute! Always a great Trader:) Thank you!!

  18. Always nice to trade with!! Pins are great!! Thank you:)

  19. Pin just as described!! Friendly Trader!! THanks a bunch!

  20. Another Great Trade!!! Very friendly....Pretty Pins!

  21. A great trader!!!! Pins just as described! LEts trade again soon:)

  22. Love the PIF!!! Thank you so much! So generous:)

  23. I love the PIN!!!!! Its beautiful! LEts trade again soon:) Friendly trader!

  24. Such a cute PIF! Thank you so much!!!!

  25. Lovely trade!! But even more AMAZING ZAP!!!!! Can't believe it!!