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  1. Thanks for selling these grails and the grail zap!

  2. Bought pins in August. Haven't received my pins. Has ignored all of my messages.

  3. Thanks for the great pins!

  4. Awesome price for an awesome pin! Thanks!!

  5. It has now been over 4 months and I have not been refunded :(

  6. thanks so much for the pin! i love it!

  7. Fast friendly transaction. Love my new Belle Pin. Thank You

  8. Nominated for "Most Satisfying Trade Of the Year" on DPF. GREAT TRADER!!!

  9. Thanks for the Tangled pin!

  10. Made a trade on pinpics over a month ago. She received my pin and will not send

  11. 6 months later and still waiting for my pin

  12. Thank you for the wonderful BT zap, you rock my socks! Love you!

  13. Awesome as usual!

  14. Thank You for the Pin

  15. That was fast! Thank you.

  16. LOVE these pins! Thank you so much Marisa :)

  17. Awesome trading! I am so glad we traded! <3 A great friend!

  18. Sent payment never received pins

  19. Thank you SO MUcH for taking the time to get pins for me!! :)

  20. Amazing AMAZING pins, thank you so much!!

  21. Thank you for the fun game, beautiful pins!

  22. Super trader! wonderful person! Thanks for the Zap!

  23. Nice pin mystery game. Thanks!

  24. Thanks for helping with our first game!! super friendly:)

  25. Very nice pins!! Thank you!!

  1. Fast payment! Very good to work with! (:

  2. very fast payment. always a charlie joy. (:

  3. Super fast payment! Thanks Anthony an steph!!

  4. Very fast payment! Thanks for an easy transaction! (;

  5. Great buyer fast payment! Thanks for playing my game! (;

  6. quick payment, thanks for the purchase!

  7. love my pins!! perfectly packaged and so beautiful! :D

  8. LOVE MY PIN!! Great seller, over night shipping! :D

  9. love my pins! they arrived quick!! :D im so happy!

  10. thanks for the trade! LOVE IT!!

  11. fast shipping, awesome pin, great price! (:

  12. awesome trade! I love my pin!! (:

  13. awesome trade, please bid again, I want your pins!! (:

  14. great trade, very fast! love my pin!! :D

  15. awesome fast shipping. love my pin!! :D

  16. came very fast! I hope his package arrived just as swiftly! (:

  17. very fast payment. excellent buyer!