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  2. DLR May PTN UP Anniversary RSP Pick Up - A+ DPF member. Highly recommended.

  3. Great buyer, quick payment, and good communication!

  4. Thank you for playing my game and for the quick payment!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful pins for my auction and the lovely zap!

  6. Great Secret Santa 2018

  7. perfect & friendly trade!

  8. Traded for one pin and zapped me the whole boxset! A fantastic trader and fast delivery of pins

  9. Auction win. Great communication and fast to ship. Extra goodies too! A++++

  10. Thank you for your quick payment. Enjoy your pin! ^_^

  11. Fast payment, good customer, thank you!

  12. Awesome

  13. Fast Payment. Wonderful Buyer! Thank You.

  14. Thank you for the great trade.

  15. Thank you for playing my game, and the very fast payment and prize selection!

  16. Thank you for participating in my RSP for WDAC!

  17. Thank you for your purchase of the HotArt Lanyard LE200 pins from Las Vegas. Thank you for your prompt payment. Enjoy your pins! ^_^

  18. Awesome!

  19. Thanks for the great auction!

  20. Outstanding DPF Member! Thank You for the Zap too!

  21. PERFECT!!! Super fast payment & so kind/generous! Thank you SO much! <3

  22. Amazing!

  23. Wonderful repeat buyer! Thank you!

    • Seller
    • imp (127)
    • Mar 28, 2018
  24. Fast payment & excellent communication! Thank you!

    • Seller
    • imp (127)
    • Feb 24, 2018
  25. Thanks for a great SS exchange

  26. A pleasure to work with, January pickups.

  27. Thanks for your winning bid, prompt shipment, and super-sweet ZAP!

  28. A pleasure to Trade with, great DPF member! Quick trade, fast shipper, thank you for the ZAP!!!!

    • Trader
    • Sami (27)
    • Jan 14, 2018
  29. Great Trade. Thanks so much for the ZAP! I was so surprised! Highly Recommend. Thank you again.

  30. Thanks for the zap!

    • Buyer
    • Tsuki (10)
    • Jan 9, 2018
  31. WDW Pick-Up October - fast payment and great to work with!

  32. Pin It Up package was Awesome

  33. Super quick payment. Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy your pin! ^_^

  34. Awesome buyer... very prompt payment.

  35. WDW Pick-Up June - fast payment and great to work with!

  36. Thank you for playing my game. Hope it was fun and enjoy your pin/s.

  37. Great Auction

  38. A pleasure to work with, March pickups.

  39. Great trader! Incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for the wonderful zap. <3

  40. A fantastic trader and even let me choose the pin I wanted hope to trade again

  41. Thank you for the lovely pin for my auction !

  42. Amazing Buyer! Quick payment and Great to work with. Thank ypou.

  43. Auction pins shipped & arrived quickly. Thanks so much!

  44. Thank you for trading and the extra zap! :)

  45. Fast payment and great comm- wonderful buyer and member- thank you!

  46. Thank you for a great Secret Santa 2016

  47. Excellent game , with excellent prizes . Many Thanks

  48. Thank you for the quick shipping and for letting me know what the tracking # was

  49. Thank you for the auction assist and for quick shipping!

  50. Fast & smooth pin game for great prizes packed well & shipped quickly. Thank u!

  51. Thank you for all your help in the auction ,I love my new pin !

  1. Thank you for the SW pins - baby game!

  2. Thank you for the event pin pickup!

  3. Thank you for the pin pickup!

  4. Great pin - fast shipping

  5. Great pin at a great price - Thanks!

    • Seller
    • YAY3! (94)
    • May 11, 2019
  6. Another great park pick up - Thanks!

  7. Thank you for the pin pickup!

  8. Thank you for the trade

  9. Thank you for the event pin pickup!

  10. Thanks for the great game and prize!

  11. Thanks for another great game!

  12. Great auction - Thanks for ZAP!

  13. Thank you for the trade

  14. Thank you for the trade and ZAPs

  15. Thank you! Fast shipping

  16. Thank you for the train pin!

    • Seller
    • YAY3! (94)
    • Dec 26, 2018
  17. Thank you for bidding on my auction!

  18. Thank you for park pick up!

  19. ACME pin pick up

  20. Thank you for park pick up!

  21. Thank you! Fast shipping

  22. Thank you for the trade!

  23. Great pin ~ super fast shipping! THanks for the ZAPs!

  24. Love the train pins and the ZAPs!

  25. Thank you for the train pins - very shipping