Feedback Profile of Chilikitty

  1. Auction winner

  2. Great bidder!

  3. Great great auction! Wonderful pin!

  4. Great trader! Thanks!

  5. Great trader!

  6. Great trade!

  7. Great trader!

  8. Thanks for bidding great pins!

  9. Great trader as usual! Not enought tape though. ;)

  10. Great trader! Packing was awesome! Looking forward to another trade!

  11. Great trader. Hoe to trade again!

  12. Great trade!

  13. Great trader! thanks so much!

  14. Wonderful trader!!!

  15. Great bidder!! Thank you!

  16. Great trade again Madhatter!

  17. Great buyer!

  18. Great PODM Trade!

  19. Thank you pin C&D Pin is so cute!