Feedback Profile of CMR626

  1. awesome trade thanks for the pins

  2. One of the kindest and best traders. Perfect transaction!

  3. Thank you for playing my game. Hope it was fun and enjoy your pins.

  4. Always a pleasure. Thanks so much.

  5. thanks for getting me these pins a great friend as well <3

  6. Wonderfull lady, great packing, lightning shipping,Fabu communications.

  7. Thanks for playing my game!!!

  8. Thank you for trading for my buttons!!! Plus the wonderful zap!!!

  9. Thank you for a wonderful trade!!!

  10. Thanks for helping me out with the 13 pins *hugs*

  11. quick payment, glad I could help!

  12. Thanks for the great pins. Hope we can trade again soon

  13. Great trade good communication & send fast. Thank you :)

  14. perfect trade first time in person was great meeting you thank you

  15. Great transaction. Glad to help someone in Fl get pins at a reasonable cost

  16. Awesome buyer! Prompt payment!

  17. A super classy lady! Thanks for the zap as well.

  18. Wonderful Member to Work With ~ Thank You for Playing & Hope you Enjoy! =)

  19. Awesome! Thanks so much for the great trade!

  20. Super friendly DPF member, excellent communication & fast payment!

  21. Great trade! Super fast shipping, Thank you so much!

  22. smooth transaction! Highly recommended!

  23. Quick payment. Thanks for participating in When you Wish uPin a Star! ^_^

  24. Thanks for the smooth transaction...

  25. Thanks for the fast pament! Hope you enjoy the PODM!!! :0)

  1. Super quick shipping and safely packaged! Thanks again!!!

  2. Incredibly wonderful trader and simply amazing person to work out a trade with!

  3. Wonderful trader & a pleasure as always to trade with!

  4. Thanks for the great buttons & wonderful zap! A pleasure as always

  5. Wonderful pin game!!! (x3)

  6. Thanks for the great pins!!! :) Nicely packed too!

  7. Super kind and responsible seller/member/trader . . A pleasure to purchase from!

  8. Thanks again for the great pins from the NYE White Elephant Exchange!

  9. Wonderful trader and a great person to work with! Super sweet! :)

  10. Great trader and patient :) Hope to trade again in future!! :)

  11. Wonderful trader and honest!!! :) A great persson to trade with!

  12. DSF Jessicas :) Much appreciated from someone in FL w/no chance at them! TYVM!!!

  13. Great game with amazing "consolation" prizes!! Thank you sooo much x2!

  14. Great game and wonderful prizes! x2 :)

  15. WDW pickup at cost - Thank you soooooo much hun! :)

  16. Thanks for a wonderful game! :) And some amazing pins in the Rapunzel hunt :)

  17. Wonderful person to work with and a great seller/trader! :)

  18. Thanks so much for helping with our PoDM hunt! And an awesome zap! Selen rocks!

  19. Mystery game x4 - awesomeness x4 - Marisa is a great person to buy/trade with!

  20. Zoe is such a great and thoughtful trader :) Awesome trade!

  21. Thanks for such great pins from the "Wish uPin a Star" game! And a ZAP? You rock

  22. Thanks again for the great PoDM! :)

  23. PoDM hunt x4 . . . awesome Moe! Thanks again for the fun (and pins too!)

  24. DSF PTD pin - awesome! thanks again!

  25. Great pins and wonderfully packaged :) Thanks again!