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  1. Quick and fair to negotiate with, pin just as expected and then some. Thanks!

  2. Excellent! Very reliable, fast shipper & great communicator! Super funny too :P

  3. Love my new pins!

  4. Fantastic Trader! Great to meet in person!

  5. One of DPFs finest! A+++

  6. Awesome Pin <3 Love It Thank You! <3 <3 <3

  7. helped me out with a great trade! thanks!

  8. Arranged 10 pin trade in July 2011. Never sent pins, just a lot of broken promis

    • Trader
    • Roxane (56)
    • Apr 26, 2012
  9. A Great Trader!! Some Fab Pins!! Thankyou soo Much!!! A STAR!!!

  10. Disneyland Dan is a great guy to trade with!

  11. Great trade! Thanks!

  12. A Magical Trader & Friend!

  13. Thanks for the great trade!and the park info!!would definetly trade again!

  14. Wonderful trader!! :) Thanks for the great pin and easy trading experience! :)

  15. thanks again for a wonderful trade! speedy, well-packed!

  16. AMAZING TRADER! AMAZING TRADE! thanks sooo much

  17. Fabulous trade! Thank you so much! Completed my set!! :)

  1. Great Trader, Fast Mailing, Excellent Experience!!!

  2. A Great Trader!!!

  3. A Great Trader!!!

  4. Really nice trade. I'm very happy

  5. Really nice trade. I'm very happy

  6. The Trade was GREAT, Overall happy as could be.

  7. Alexa is one of a kind. A great one.

    • Trader
    • Alexa (203)
    • Nov 13, 2012
  8. This is a purchase that goes back to MCUtBT event.

  9. A great Trade that keep getting bigger. And well worth it.

  10. A Great UK Trader. Thanx for making it great

  11. It was a pleasure trading with you.

  12. Thank You, Great Trade.

  13. Truly the Queen of Wrap

  14. A WONDERFULL TRADER. Incredible, Incredible

  15. A Real Treasure

  16. GREAT Trader, Fast, Well Packed, Nice Pin.

  17. A WONDERFULL TRADER. Incredible, Incredible

  18. Only the best, Thank You.

  19. A WONDERFULL TRADER. Incredible, Incredible

  20. A wonderfull trader