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  2. Perfect Transaction! Enjoy your pin :)!

  3. Awesome buyer, great comm! Thank you and hope you enjoy!

  4. Thanks for the trade! Love my pins :)

  5. Awesome trade!! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Great DPF member! Beautiful pin, fast shipping, excellent communication. A+

  7. Traded Pins. Fast Shipping. Great Communication.

  8. Awesome buyer! Quick payment

  9. Great trader!! Thank you so much!!

  10. Thank you for your purchase & quick payment. Enjoy your new pin :)

  11. Thanks for your purchase; enjoy the pins!

  12. Wonderful transaction and a pleasure to deal with. :)

  13. Wonderful transaction and a pleasure to deal with. :)

  14. Wonderful trader! Cant wait to trade again!

  15. Great trade and trader! Thanks!

  16. Fast payment, smooth transaction!

  17. Very fast payment. A nice and responsible buyer.

  18. A pleasure to deal with. A+++. Thank you.

  19. Great buyer! Thanks for your purchase!

  1. A+ Sweetheart Seller! Lovely Pin, great to buy from! Hugs!

  2. Great Seller. Beautiful pin and great price! Thank you again!

  3. Perfect Seller! Sweetheart! Great Pin and great price - shipped quick - thanks

  4. Great Trader. Thank you again! :)

  5. Great Trader! Great Pins! Thank you so much for trading with me! A+!

  6. Lovely Trader - Real Sweetheart! Would love to trade again sometime!

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  8. Lovely Seller. Highly Recommended. Great Pins and Fair Prices!

  9. Wonderful trader! Pleasure to trade with! A+

  10. Wonderful Sweetheart Seller! Great Prices and Lovely Pin! Shipped Quickly.

  11. Wonderful Seller. Great Pins At Great Prices. A+

  12. Grealt Seller - Top Notch - Highly Recommended!

  13. Great Seller - Top Notch - Highly Recommended!

  14. Lovely Seller, Pleasure to work with, great pin was shipped quickly. A+

  15. Great Seller, ships very prompt and pleasure to work with.

  16. Great Seller, Great Pin. Highly Recommended.

  17. Great Pins. Great Prices. Thank you!

  18. Wonderful Trader! So kind and fair. Delight to trade with, highly recommended!

  19. Wonderful trader! Highly recommended. Would trade with again gladly!

  20. Wonderful Seller, real pleasure to work with, gerat pins shipped very quicky.

  21. Great Seller, was a real pleasure to work with. :)

  22. Wonderful seller, pleasure to work with, great pin!

  23. Wonderful Seller, highly recommended. Shipped quickly and packaged well.

  24. Wonderful Seller. Beautiful Pin. Sweetheart!

  25. wonderful seller. smooth transaction. lovely pin. shipped securely and quickly.