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  1. Another great year of Pin trading! A+++

  2. 2-for-2 Trade, excellent transaction.

  3. Excellent transations! A+++

  4. Thanks for help with Pin Event RSP!!

  5. Excellent transaction!! A++

  6. Another great transaction!!

  7. Excellent transaction!! A++

  8. Excellent transaction. A++

  9. Fast and fair Trade. A++

  10. Fair and fast Trade!!

  11. Fair and fast Trade/ A+

  12. Excellent and fast Trade!!

  13. Excellent Trader. A++

  14. Good Trader, very fast delivery.

  15. Helped out with a WoE pin I needed!! A+++

  16. Excellent transaction and great pin partner!! A++


  18. Very good Trade!!

  19. Excellent Tader A++

  20. Great Trade and Trader!!

  21. Excellent multi-pin Trade

  22. Excellent multi-pin Trade!!

  23. Excellent and fast Trade.A++

  24. Great 2-for-2 Trade!!

  25. Excellent multi-pin Trade. A+++