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  2. Great buyer!

  3. Thank you, as always, for another amazing trade. Recommend A+++

  4. Great trade experience!

  5. Another great transaction. The best!

  6. D23 hatbox ghost purchase. Well packaged and great communication! Thank you so much for the help in getting the pin!

  7. Another magical transaction

  8. Great seller, pleasure to deal with!

  9. Thank You for the Great Pin. Awesome DPFer.

  10. Great Trade Partner

  11. Pinpics trade

  12. Mickey Memorial Day 2003 for KaKamora

  13. Great transaction. Wonderful DPFer. Thanks!

  14. Fast payment! Friendly transaction!

  15. Great trade! Fast ship, good communication. A+

  16. Thank you very much for the successful pinpics trade! :)

  17. Successful multi-trade! Thank you! Highly recommend!

  18. Wonderful, thoughtful, generous multi-trade. Highly recommend!

  19. Great trade! Good communication. Thanks! ^_^

  20. Hitchhiking Ghosts for Big Bad Wolf

  21. Great 2 for 2 trade,fast shipping ,would trade again

  22. Super trade. Fast shipping, great communication. Much appreciated!

  23. Amazing Multi-Trade! Highly Recommended

  24. Thank you for the multi trade.

  25. Old Hag for Waternoose- great trade!

  26. Wonderful trader!

  27. Great multi trade! Wonderful communication and very patient!

  28. Thank you for the great trade!

  29. A+ trader fast shipping would trade again

  30. Great Trader

  31. Amazing trade from an amazing trader!!! THANK YOU!

  32. Thanks so much for a great trade! :D

  33. Another great trade! Thank you again!

  34. Great communication and fast shipping! Thanks again!

  35. Awesome multi-pin trade! Thanks!

  36. Everything went very smoothly and quickly. Thanks!

  37. Great trader. Very easy to deal with and fast shipping!

  38. Thank you for both trades, Love them both, Pins are in wonderful shape!

  39. Great trade, fast and communicative. Thanks!

  40. Great trade :)

  41. Trade Went Well (no hitches), Quick Shipping, Thanks

  42. Fantastic Trade & Beautiful WDI princess fan pins. Super Fast Shipping. Thanks

  43. Very nice trade. Hope we can trade again soon.

  44. Great trader, fast accurate and fair

  45. Awesome Experience

  46. Great trader. Very friendly and prompt!

  47. Great Trader

  48. Awesome trader! Thank you!

  49. Excellent multi pin trade.

  50. great trade thank you!

  51. Great guy always

  1. Another great year of Pin trading! A+++

  2. 2-for-2 Trade, excellent transaction.

  3. Excellent transations! A+++

  4. Thanks for help with Pin Event RSP!!

  5. Excellent transaction!! A++

  6. Another great transaction!!

  7. Excellent transaction!! A++

  8. Excellent transaction. A++

  9. Fast and fair Trade. A++

  10. Fair and fast Trade!!

  11. Fair and fast Trade/ A+

  12. Excellent and fast Trade!!

  13. Excellent Trader. A++

  14. Good Trader, very fast delivery.

  15. Helped out with a WoE pin I needed!! A+++

  16. Excellent transaction and great pin partner!! A++


  18. Very good Trade!!

  19. Excellent Tader A++

  20. Great Trade and Trader!!

  21. Excellent multi-pin Trade

  22. Excellent multi-pin Trade!!

  23. Excellent and fast Trade.A++

  24. Great 2-for-2 Trade!!

  25. Excellent multi-pin Trade. A+++