Feedback Profile of fireheadfred

  1. A pleasure to deal with :)

  2. Delivered safely and a lovely person to trade with

  3. Thank you arrived quickly and in perfect condition :)

  4. an amazing and wonderful winner <3 zaps and sprises GALORE!

  5. Sent out very promptly and a pleasure to trade with!

  6. Wonderful trade, would love to trade in the future.

  7. amazing trader, plesure to deal with, wonderful A++

  8. thank you for supporting my dreams

  9. a wonderful kind buyer, thank you for supporting my dream :)

  10. wonderful trader xxxxxxxxx

  11. wonderufl member of DPF. would trade with over and over again :)

  12. wonderful winner, wonderful pins <3

  13. beautiful trade, hope to trade with you again!

  14. a wonderful trader! pins are beautiful!

  15. Wonder couple of traders, great experience,

  16. thank you for the stunning pins and zap!!!!! hope to trade in the future <3

  17. a wonderful trader, delight to deal with <3

  18. a wonderful game that made our day!!! speedy send and happy customers!

  19. amazing trader!!!!

  20. a wonderful seller! a wonderful person


  22. love my new ariel pins!!!!!!!!

  23. Wonderful Seller!!!!!! would buy from in a heart beat again :)

  24. a wonderful trader!

  25. wonderfulpin thank you! one more punzle pin down