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  1. Pin properly packed and quick shipping. Thanks for the trade!

  2. Quick payment. Friendly. Thanks! :)

  3. Excellent communication. Fast payment. Thanks. :)

  4. Quick payment. Friendly. Thanks for the purchase! :)

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    • Ocean7 (53)
    • Aug 28, 2018
  5. Extremely friendly! Great communication. Thank you!

  6. Friendly! Beautiful pin! Thank you!

  7. Great communication. Fast payment. Friendly. Thank you!

  8. Friendly. Quick payment. Thanks for the purchase!

  9. Very friendly. Good communication. Thanks for the purchase!

  10. Fast shipping. Great communication. Super friendly. Thank you!

  11. Super friendly. Fast payment! Thank you!

  12. Fast shipping. Friendly. Thanks!

  13. Friendly. Fast payment. Thank you!

  14. Good communication. Friendly. Fast Shipping. Thank you!

  15. Very Friendly. Great communication. Beautiful pin. Thank you!

  16. Very friendly. Great trade! Thank you!

  17. Thanks for a great trade! Very friendly to work with.

  18. Quick Communication. Fast Shipping. Fair customer service. Thank you!

  19. Great deal. Fast shipping. Beautiful pins. Thanks!

  20. Great deal. Fast shipping. Friendly. Beautiful pins. Thanks for a great deal!

  21. Fast shipping. Great communication. Highly recommend.Thank you!

  22. Got pin quickly. Beautiful pin. Very happy.

  23. Excellent Customer Service. Beautiful pins. Very happy with my purchase.